Video testimonials: hear from students and friends of HITuni


What our students are saying about our courses



“First of all, I want to say I love the program. I haven’t done any other certification or any other type of education that has been as all encompassing as this has been.

I’d love for our new trainers to all have to go through HITuni, because it covers so many broad things that I feel trainers don’t get until they are two or three years into and it. I feel it would be so advantageous to get it right of the bat.”

Greg Viland, HITuni Certified Trainer, Iconic Trainer at Discover Strength



“I think you did a beautiful job. I am really impressed with it. I felt the value of the investment. I am extremely satisfied with it.

I wrote Dr Doug McGuff and said I am on the fence about doing this and his response was ‘Don’t do this to get a certification. Do this for your own personal knowledge and I highly recommend Simon’s program.’”

Jonathan Kaufman, HITuni Certified Trainer and owner of Everyday Fitness Guru



“I have spent the afternoon going through this module (Professionalism and Personal Training) and have been very impressed by the comprehensive introduction to the course, particularly around the governance and WHS aspects of running a business, I currently work in WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) regulation and thought the modules around risk management and your dealing with psycho-social risk were great!”

Nigel Docker, HITuni Certified Trainer

What our partners and clients are saying about our courses



“Thank you for the work you have done with, providing a resource for those who want training and certification as well as a venue for teaching.”

Dr. Doug McGuff, author of Body by Science



“I am thoroughly impressed. The depth, attention to detail, quality, and presentation of the materials are unparalleled.”

James Steele, Associate Professor in Applied Sport Sciences at Southampton Solent University



“I’m hoping around, back-and-forth, to different parts of this, and skimming, and watching snippets of the videos, and I am absolutely blown away. This is really, really, great stuff. it seems as though you’ve knocked it out of the park!”

Blair Wilson, HIT trainer and owner of MedX Precision Fitness



“When a college student or a young professional comes to our conference, I couldn’t be more excited about looking at them and saying ‘hey, this is the certification you need to do’.”

Luke Carlson, founder and CEO of Discover Strength and Resistance Exercise Conference



“The course is so complete and all encompassing that it is hard to think of anything that is missing. You have taken HIT upwards…a real step up in terms of professionalism, instruction and education.”

Edward Harrison, HIT trainer and owner of Vital Exercise


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