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Richard Chartrand

As always, I enjoy Bill’s writings and may well benefit by actually avoiding future injuries to myself and to my clients. This alone, obviously is worth far more than the price of this course. For this reason, it is a bargain I can easily recommend. However, I was left with less than a clear understanding as to why certain things would be applied that do involve quick movements and subjecting self or clients to higher forces in the process. To Bill’s credit, the author does state that these are optional, and someone might state that my perspective is limited by “hit dogma”.

I do appreciate that certain muscle groups may well best be exercised statically. I also appreciate that while “hit dogma” may state that the last rep is the safest, because you typically are not strong enough at that point to exert force that would hurt you, however I can see why that in fact may not be the safest rep, if you lose your posture at that point to get deep inroad, potentially resulting in acute or chronic injuries. Redefining failure as the point at which. one can not maintain ideal posture, may seem to lower intensity, but as Bill points out, you may in fact be working the actual targeted muscles more effectively, and likely doing so without putting as much strain on your ability to recover. This makes perfect sense to me, and is another distinction made from this course, that again, is worth more than the cost. Thanks Bill and Simon for making available.


Richard reviewed this course: Hybrid Functional Training and HIT course

Richard Chartrand HITuni Certified Personal Trainer


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