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Nick Brooks says

This is an excellent course and extremely good value for the money. First off, it fills a much needed gap in providing a sound education on the merits of HIT. There are book and manuals one can buy and decipher oneself, of course, but nothing that really goes under the hood to the extent this course does. This is one of those courses that bridges the gap between autodidactic learning on the subject and very (often very, very!) expensive in-person qualifications provided by individual HIT trainers. These may, of course, be good too; however, since most of these trainers of repute are based in the U.S. the cost of travel, accommodation, and the price of the qualifications themselves can be prohibitive.

As to the materials: each module is clearly and concisely explained, with illustrative examples and demonstrations; there is ample knowledge here to be returned to over and over again, and which rewards repeated review. Simon explains in detail all the salient points to remember as a new trainer teaching HIT, which is something I’m sure confounds many people. I know from experience how difficult it can be to get a trainee to understand just what MMF is, even as they claim they cannot do more.

In summation, for anyone truly interested in the subject, this course is worth every penny, and worth its weight in gold.

Finlay reviewed this course: Master HIT Personal Trainer

Nick Brooks HITuni Certified Master Personal Trainer


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