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Matthew Carstens says

As someone who had read Body by Science and listened to all the Corporate Warrior podcasts and was really into High Intensity Training, but had no background in Anatomy and Physiology or business and marketing, I learned a ton from the Master Personal Trainer course.

I really liked that there were both videos and notes in each lesson. Watching the videos and then reading the notes really engrained the information and just having that to go back to was very helpful. I don’t think I missed more than one or two questions on the quizzes.

I budgeted myself three months and I mapped out each module on a calendar but I finished it within a month because I was having so much fun. That summer that I finished the course was my summer of fitness. Every waking moment, I am either reading about nutrition, exercise or Star Wars.

I enjoyed just seeing how things differ a little bit. There is a lot of minutia in between the different HIT camps. McGuff will never tell you to workout more than once a week, but learning that that’s an option and applying that to me was a lot of fun.

Overall, I would give the course a 4.9/5.


Matthew reviewed this course: Master HIT Personal Trainer

Matthew Carstens HITuni Certified Master HIT Personal Trainer


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