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Joanna Eisen says

I thought the course was very expansive. I learned more than I thought I would. Everything was very detailed and I got all the topics that I was curious about.

I am really intro nutrition so I really enjoyed the Nutrition module; I thought it was very thorough. I learned a lot from that and it is a very good resource to go back to check all the vitamins and minerals, etc. It’s nice to have at the click of a finger. Obviously, I am not a nutritionist but this module gave me enough knowledge to recommend something to the client and be confident that it would help them reach their goals.

I thought the lecture and demonstration videos were well done and it’s nice to have the accompanying notes for each topic. I also thought it was really neat how you displayed the anatomical axis and movement potential with the animated graphics.

I learned everything I needed to learn and I feel very confident in my work as a Personal Trainer.


Joanna reviewed this course: HIT Personal Trainer

Joanna Eisen HITuni Certified Personal Trainer


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