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James Fisher says

So… Bill DeSimone and Simon Shawcross took a bit of a HIT (See what I did there) with sharing the Functional Training and HIT course on social media recently. Now, let’s be clear these are both very good friends of mine, but they’re also respected colleagues whom I listen to with regards to exercise science and practice.

I was probably as surprised as anyone to see the term “Functional Training” attached to HIT, but unlike many I thought I’d wait and see what this was about and have a little confidence in my peers.

It would be fair to say I am not disappointed. Simon Shawcross very kindly shared the course materials with me and so far (~48% through the course) I would actively encourage ALL HIT practitioners to undertake this course.

There’s a really nice reflection on what “functional” training has historically meant and how it’s often a catch all in the fitness industry but also the relative merits of it for HIT practitioners and the more so; the importance of it considering joint stability and exercise technique.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Bill DeSimone’s books then you will really enjoy this course.

In the interests of clarity – I let them know I was going to post something, but not what I was going to say. I am not in anyway affiliated with HITuni.


James reviewed this course: Hybrid Functional Training and HIT course

James Fisher Senior Lecturer Sports Conditioning and Fitness at Southampton Solent University


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