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Greg Viland says

First of all, I want to say I love the program. I haven’t done any other certification or any other type of education that has been as all encompassing as this has been.

The HITuni course gave me more coaching tools and tips to refresh my training of clients and actually my interest as well. I’ve logged tens of thousands of hours training clients since I started in 2005, and this course was great for the advancement of my career. Specifically, the course taught me how important​ and necessary it is to get a client to momentary muscular failure and to have greater patience as a trainer to get there.

I’d love for our new trainers to all have to go through HITuni, because it covers so many broad things that I feel trainers don’t get until they are two or three years into and it. I feel it would be so advantageous to get it right of the bat.

Thank you very much for the course and for the opportunity.


Greg reviewed this course: High Intensity Resistance Training Specialist

Greg Viland HITuni Certified Trainer, Iconic Trainer at Discover Strength


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