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Cassandra Av says

The content and the science and just the work done is unlike anything I’ve seen online.

Even big course names from NASM or ACE can’t really compare to the actual content here. NASM courses didn’t really teach me about exercise or how to train or anything that could bring value to my own training and others.

HITuni and High Intensity Training definitely did. It’s a gold mine to learn all the benefits of exercise and how to implement it in a safe, efficient and effective way. Anybody who really wants to understand exercise as a science and is tired of the nonsense out in the market should definitely undertake this course.

I’ve learned so much and to be honest, if I’m planning on scaling and training other trainers, it would be an requirement for them to take this course if they aren’t a PT yet or the CPD course.

Thank you Simon and HITuni for the amazing gem of High Intensity Training education!


Cassandra reviewed this course: HIT Personal Trainer

Cassandra Av Certified HIT trainer at Innate Strength Personal Training


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