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High Intensity Training with Resistance Bands

In this post, I want to look at resistance bands: how useful are they, who can benefit from them, and can be used for HIT? Outside of simple equipment such as chin bars and push up handles, another piece of home exercise kit that people tend to consider for strength training are resistance bands. The idea of resistance bands is appealing: a potential gym’s worth of exercises promised in a portable pouch the size of a typical handbag. What’s not to like?   Watch Simon explain three key points about resistance bands   Different types of resistance band Resistance bands …

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Book Review: HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT): How to build muscles in minutes, by Dr Jürgen Giessing

Published in English in 2016, High Intensity Training (HIT): How to build muscles in minutes – Fast, Efficient and Healthy will give the reader a strong and solid understanding of the principles and science behind High Intensity Strength Training. It is written by Dr Jürgen Giessing, HIT expert, sports science professor and exercise researcher at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany. Having read many books about High Intensity Training, I reached for my review copy of this book hoping it would be worth the time investment of the read, that there would be elements to it that would spark my mind …

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