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Motivations to exercise



What makes people buy into your HIT Personal Training business?

Whether you are a personal trainer, a gym facility or even a franchise model owner you are in the business of successfully selling your service. I will take it as given that you are passionate about HIT and understand the valuable impact your service will have in improving the lives of your clients. To be able to get your message across to prospective clients requires more than just your passion for HIT. To be able to sell HIT, you firstly need to understand the drivers that cause clients to seek out a service like yours. What underlying internal motivations or …

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Understanding Exercise and Choosing Your Alpha Exercise and Beta Activities

Why do you exercise? When you decided that you wanted to commence an exercise program, what went through your mind? I bet it was one of the reasons listed below.   Typically, there are four categories of motivators or values for wanting to commence exercise. Do let us know if you can think of others! It should also be pointed out that all the motivators above are legitimate to one degree or another. Of course an individual may have a number of different motivators from two or more of the above categories, all converging to drive that person to start a new exercise regime. …

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