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How to Get People to Make the Right Fitness Choice – The Cognitive Biases at Play

Busy week? Take a moment to reflect. What do you remember? Visualise conversations, training sessions or content that just sticks out. Do you recall every specific detail? As humans, we can’t compute everything. Trying to figure out what you need to know and what you don’t is exhausting. Our smartphones have become more advanced than computers from just a few decades ago. We cram information gathering into every spare moment. Shopping, exercising, listening, scrolling – we can do it all at once. Attention spans are down, accessibility is up. Our brain uses a few simple tricks – quirks of the …

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Top 25 resources you’ve not heard of before on managing and scaling your fitness business

As a founder of a fitness business, you need to be a best-in-class marketer, lead strategist, CFO, product designer and every other role involved with running a small company. The risks and psychological challenges of being all things to all people are real. Even the most confident entrepreneur with a winning business can get burnt out trying to do too much. I’ve curated a list of essential content to help you scale your business. Recommendations come from a mix of small business owners, academics, founders who have started and exited businesses, and scientists. Sift through the list, pick one and …

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What makes people buy into your HIT Personal Training business?

Whether you are a personal trainer, a gym facility or even a franchise model owner you are in the business of successfully selling your service. I will take it as given that you are passionate about HIT and understand the valuable impact your service will have in improving the lives of your clients. To be able to get your message across to prospective clients requires more than just your passion for HIT. To be able to sell HIT, you firstly need to understand the drivers that cause clients to seek out a service like yours. What underlying internal motivations or …

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12 Reasons Fitness Businesses Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeeds

Whether you are already a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, gym owner or are just now considering starting a fitness business, you will need to have a clear route to success. Having had just released our newest course, the Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, which is packed with Business and Marketing content, it feels like the perfect time to write about the 12 common reasons why fitness business fail and provide tips that will help you navigate a safe and successful path to business growth. Let’s get started…   1. There is no need for the service you offer in the market Before you set …

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In Conversation with Blair Wilson: Making a success of HIT

Mentored by co-author of Body By Science John Little, Blair Wilson, owner of MedX Precision Fitness, probably couldn’t have had a better introduction to HIT. We spoke to Blair to find out what it takes to succeed in the niche world of High Intensity Training.   When Blair was 16 years old, he had to have shoulder surgery due to accumulated strain from rugby, hockey, water-skiing and other athletic endeavours he was involved with. It was a case of “over use” rather than a momentous injury; and in retrospect it was a lucky situation that led Blair to start working …

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