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No External Load Training: How to perform resistance training without a load

One of our core beliefs at HITuni is that some form of strength training needs to become a facet of every individual’s life and lifestyle. Its impact on wellbeing from the obvious… strength, to the unseen… myokine release and cellular health, is a boon. It is clear more people need to and can benefit from strength training. What often present as key barriers to benefitting from strength training for individuals who don’t yet train are: perceived complexity and equipment availability. Most of us with a passion for resistance training relish exercising on well-designed exercise equipment and I have enjoyed using …

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The story behind Bill DeSimone’s course on integrating Functional Training with HIT

We have recently had the opportunity to work with personal trainer, author and speaker (NSCA, Club Industry, REC) Bill DeSimone to create a new course titled Functional Training: A Biomechanics Approach to Integrating FT with HIT. Controversial? Some seem to think so. And I get that reaction, if you had told me I would be involved in presenting a course that includes FT ten years ago I would have likely scoffed too, I was younger then and thought I knew damn near all there was to know about exercise. I started my career in personal training in 2000 and thankfully …

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HITuni goes to the US

The first 30 minutes of the drive required much focus as my brain’s default mode network (DMN) was unable do all the work required to safely drive on the right side of the road. Which was now indeed the right side of the road, and not the left. It hit home that months of planning were now a reality as we drove from Newark airport, New Jersey, toward Cranbury. We were headed to Optimal Exercise, the facility owned by Bill DeSimone. Those who don’t know Bill’s work yet need to catch up, he has already written two hugely valuable and …

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Say hello to HITuni

HITuni has been helping people learn how to succeed with High Intensity Training for 4 years and in that time, we’ve grown significantly. There are now HITuni students and graduates spread across 4 continents and in 18 countries around the world.     We have always provided an education designed to nurture and enhance the success of our students. Our primary goal is to help you become one of the best-of-the-best in the industry, and that remains our guiding purpose. Today’s world is changing rapidly and at the same time some things are still the same; we are all looking …

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Announcing the release of our Newest Course: CPD HIT

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest course CPD HIT: our Continuing Professional Development Certification in High Intensity Resistance Exercise. Keep reading to the bottom of the post to learn about our special summer offer on both of our available courses.   Who Is CPD HIT For? CPD HIT is primarily designed for already qualified Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors. We also welcome individuals with a qualification that included the study of fundamental anatomical and physiological principles. This effectively opens our CPD HIT course to those of you who may be professionals in other health related disciplines …

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Our flagship course: HIT Personal Trainer is now available!

We are very excited to announce that our first course – the Personal Trainer certification course – is available now.   James Steele, one of the first individuals to have seen both the course and the platform, said: But enough about the course – this post is not a sales pitch. For that you can go to the Personal Trainer course overview page or watch the platform demonstration video. We do however have an offer for all of our social media and blog followers, who have been around since the early days of HITuni.   This is all great, but …

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