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How to Get People to Make the Right Fitness Choice – The Cognitive Biases at Play

Busy week? Take a moment to reflect. What do you remember? Visualise conversations, training sessions or content that just sticks out. Do you recall every specific detail? As humans, we can’t compute everything. Trying to figure out what you need to know and what you don’t is exhausting. Our smartphones have become more advanced than computers from just a few decades ago. We cram information gathering into every spare moment. Shopping, exercising, listening, scrolling – we can do it all at once. Attention spans are down, accessibility is up. Our brain uses a few simple tricks – quirks of the …

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What makes people buy into your HIT Personal Training business?

Whether you are a personal trainer, a gym facility or even a franchise model owner you are in the business of successfully selling your service. I will take it as given that you are passionate about HIT and understand the valuable impact your service will have in improving the lives of your clients. To be able to get your message across to prospective clients requires more than just your passion for HIT. To be able to sell HIT, you firstly need to understand the drivers that cause clients to seek out a service like yours. What underlying internal motivations or …

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How much do you lift? A guide to selecting the right weight

If you are just beginning HIT, one of the practical questions you are most likely looking to answer is How much weight should I use? Keen to get started with the intensity aspect and enthusiastic to lift as much as possible, many new HITers end up short changing themselves. Focusing foremost on intensity at the very outset of the journey and equating high loads with intensity is double trouble and a case of putting the cart before the horse. Or dangerous and inefficient, up goes the likelihood of injury along with a side order of dilution of the stimulus. It …

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High Intensity Training: Can you do it without a Personal Trainer?

High intensity training is an evidence-based approach to resistance exercise, an approach that is particularly attractive as it produces excellent results with relatively little time investment required. Not only does it stimulate hypertrophy of muscle tissue, it also concurrently improves strength, flexibility, bone density, metabolism and cardiovascular health. All of these improvements can be achieved and most likely optimized with just one or two, 10-25 minute workouts a week. This is obviously a hugely attractive proposition, so attractive that some think that it must be sales pitch or exaggeration that so little exercise can provide the full gamut of exercise …

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25 Frequently Asked Questions About High Intensity Training

In this article, I want to share 25 of the most frequently asked questions about High Intensity Training (HIT). I often get clients or friends asking these questions and over the years, I found the following answers to be effective in explaining HIT and resolving any resistance or confusion people have – especially those new to this type of exercise, or people who haven’t read Body By Science – might have. I’ll often start out by explaining that HIT is a specific approach to exercise that stimulates the body to produce total fitness results including: hypertrophy, strength, cardiovascular improvement, flexibility enhancement and bone mineral …

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