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Genetics, DNA fitness and personal genetic tests: what’s possible?

In recent years there has been a growing number of companies offering DNA tests to consumers, some specifically focusing on the fitness impact of certain genes. The marketing hyperbole suggests that the purchaser will, with the results of their swab test, be able to tailor their workout routine specifically to their DNA for superior physical results. Frankly, I was ready to start writing this article completely dismissing the value of direct to consumer DNA testing for fitness and exercise prescription as it stands today. Researching the article got to me though. It is an intellectually exciting topic and too intriguing …

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Resistance training can reverse ageing

In March this year, the BBC reported that a drug had been trialled in animals that could reverse certain aspects of ageing causing old mice “to restore their stamina, coat of fur and even some organ function.” Inspired by this, I wanted to understand more about how the ageing process works and if exercise can have a similar effect on the body; can exercise reverse ageing?   What are senescent cells? This trial drug, a peptide worked by reducing the number of senescent cells in the mice. As we age, irreparable DNA damage begins to accumulate in cells, one of three …

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Attraction to the Extremes of Physical Fitness and Appearance and How it May be Harming You

  Before we delve in to the main topic of this article I am itching to tell you, as an aside, how to be a world-class athlete, let me get that off my chest then I guarantee we’ll get back to the bigger picture.   How to be a World Beating Athlete Perhaps You’d Like To: Run 100m faster than Usain Bolt or Florence Griffith-Joyner? Run a marathon in less time than Dennis Kimetto or Paula Radcliffe? Out-punch Mike Tyson or Ann Wolfe? Develop superior conditioning to Conor McGregor or Holly Holm? Build an Olympian body to outclass Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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