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Book review



In Conversation with Bill DeSimone: Joint-Friendly Fitness

Fairly recently I Zoomed with long-time friend of HITuni and all-round great guy Bill DeSimone, to discuss his latest book Joint Friendly Fitness and his current thoughts on strength training, HIT and the wider world of exercise. For those not yet familiar with Bill and his work: he has been an avid exerciser for well over 40 years and a personal trainer since 1983. During that time, he has also participated in sports such as bodybuilding, triathlon, inline skating, martial arts, and softball. As those years passed Bill accumulated some physical damage, chronic shoulder soreness, and a ruptured biceps and …

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Book Review: The Time-Saver’s Workout, by John Little

It is great to have a copy of John Little’s latest book on exercise in hand. Titled The Time-Savers Workout, its publication comes ten years after the release of Body By Science, and nearly two decades after the death of Mike Mentzer. I mention these two touchstones as John Little is co-author of Body By Science along with Dr. Doug McGuff, and he was friends with Mike. Indeed, Little was also involved in the writing of two posthumous Mentzer books, High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way and The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer.   Pointing the finger at the health …

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Book Review: HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT): How to build muscles in minutes, by Dr Jürgen Giessing

Published in English in 2016, High Intensity Training (HIT): How to build muscles in minutes – Fast, Efficient and Healthy will give the reader a strong and solid understanding of the principles and science behind High Intensity Strength Training. It is written by Dr Jürgen Giessing, HIT expert, sports science professor and exercise researcher at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany. Having read many books about High Intensity Training, I reached for my review copy of this book hoping it would be worth the time investment of the read, that there would be elements to it that would spark my mind …

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