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Arthur Jones



The Duo-Extension: A New “Arthur Jones” Machine in 2019

Half a century ago Nautilus inventor, Arthur Jones’ mind was focused on attempting to solve yet another challenge to improve exercise: how to make the squat safer and more effective. When the solution to doing just this became apparent to him, he referred to it in his IronMan magazine column of November 1970 as “The Final Breakthrough”.   What’s the problem with barbell squats that inspired Jones to look to better such a classic exercise? Squats are a relatively high-skill exercise, some people’s knees don’t get on with them and those with low back issues may well find squats uncomfortable …

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The Best Form of Cardiovascular Exercise: HIT

Although it will be news to most people even today, the fact that HIT (High Intensity Strength Training) is the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise has been known at least as far back as the mid 1970’s. In 1975 the father of modern HIT Arthur Jones funded a study carried out at West Point Military Academy known as Project Total Conditioning. One group of subjects performed HIT and a second group acted as a control. The HIT group outperformed the control group on every single metric tested including overall strength, neck strength, cardiovascular condition (there were 60 different tests …

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Origins of HIT and the Supporting Science

HIT, which stands for High Intensity Training, has its modern roots in the work of Arthur Jones whose writings and thoughts on exercise were developed from the 1970’s through till the first decade of the 21st Century. Arthur Jones was the original owner, inventor and designer of Nautilus exercise equipment that revolutionized the fitness industry in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Along with a skill for equipment design, Jones had very specific notions about exercise protocol, and his opinions on exercise were refined through until his death in 2007.  Over his lifetime Jones invested millions of dollars of his own money …

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