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What is a personal trainer?

In the broadest context a personal trainer is someone who offers as a service their expertise in exercise to clients. Clients choose to work with a personal trainer to get physical results more quickly, more efficiently, more effectively and more safely than if they were to attempt to train themselves. An additional component is that some clients perceive a need for a personal trainer due to motivational aspects; maybe they wouldn’t train at all if they didn’t have the commitment to their personal trainer.

A personal trainer is not a sports coach (although a sports coach may choose to become a qualified personal trainer in addition to coaching a particular sport). A sports coach teaches the particular skillsets required to perform well in a particular activity, i.e. how to tackle, how to kick, how to serve, how to adapt gait to efficiently run or sprint over a particular distance. A sports coach will also teach tactics and gameplay required for their specialist sport.

A personal trainer is a different animal; the role of a personal trainer is to enable their client to attain their best physical condition, maximizing the potential of the client’s genetics. It is the responsibility of the personal trainer to do this in a safe manner that minimizes any risk of injury or damage. It is also ethical for the personal trainer to do this in a time efficient manner and not just clock up training hours to create dependency (a good HIT trainer never needs to do this). As an aside, if the client who has employed the personal trainer is involved in a sport, the personal trainer will adapt the frequency of training and the exercises involved in the workouts to best fit the clients needs.

In many ways a personal trainer is a teacher, it is important that the personal trainer is able to communicate their expert knowledge to the client in a way that client can absorb. It is important that a personal trainer can inspire and motivate their clients, but this is not meant in a handholding babysitter way or at the other end of the spectrum a bullying drill sergeant way. Rather inspire the client through clear communication of what it is they are expected to do in a given exercise, observing everything they do during an exercise, giving succinct feedback in real time, and then praising what they got right and clarifying what they did not and the expectations you will have for the next workout. Give the client VISIBILITY you owe it to them if you are charging a fair price for your service and if you are not giving them visibility (or you are not charging fair price- one which you think your time and expertise is worth) then you are better off not being a personal trainer.

The world’s best personal trainers fundamentally care about their clients physical and emotional wellbeing and success, when this attitude toward personal training is combined with an expert knowledge in physical conditioning, weight management, healthy nutrition and stress, a personal training star is born. This type of personal trainer has a waiting list of clients.

HITuni is here to enable you to become one of this elite.

Becoming a personal trainer through HITuni can make Personal Training a very rewarding career option intellectually, financially and emotionally.


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