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Our flagship course: HIT Personal Trainer is now available!

We are very excited to announce that our first course – the Personal Trainer certification course – is available now.

The course consists of:

  • 9 modules
  • 51 lessons
  • 27 video lectures of 20-30 minutes duration each
  • 90 exercise demonstrations
  • 130 exercise routines to pick from

We have covered everything from ethics, human anatomy and the science of high intensity training to advanced training techniques, working with clients and nutrition. Our first students already have access to our platform, which features a question and answer forum, “Test Your Learning” quizzes, integrated Wikipedia search and many more features we will be releasing in the future.


James Steele, one of the first individuals to have seen both the course and the platform, said:

I am thoroughly impressed. The depth, attention to detail, quality, and presentation of the materials are unparalleled.

But enough about the course – this post is not a sales pitch. For that you can go to the Personal Trainer course overview page or watch the platform demonstration video.

We do however have an offer for all of our social media and blog followers, who have been around since the early days of HITuni.


This is all great, but what has been going on with HITuni?

HITuni is born out of passion for effective and safe exercise: passion for a form of exercise suitable for the widest possible demographic, that will make dramatic changes in the quality of life of those who engage with it.

When we launched the original HITuni website, we were excited to get the message out about High Intensity Training and the qualifications we were creating. Based on this, we dedicated quite a bit of our time to our social media channels, putting out fairly frequent posts, images and information about HIT, that we were glad to see shared and to receive some great feedback about.

What we hadn’t realized at the time was that the actualization of our vision would take us longer and require much more of us than we had originally conceived – even with our best planning.

Something had to give, we could keep up our social media presence and keep spreading the HIT word in the short term, or we could focus on developing the best possible courses and a delivery platform unlike any other in the industry.

Although a tough decision to make at the time, we made the only decision that made long-term sense, to “go quiet” and refocus our energy and resources on creating and building our vision from the ground up.

In the last couple of weeks, we have relaunched our website, which now features a new blog and integrates the student platform.

We invite you to take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments or via our feedback form. Any questions or ideas you have will be valuable so that we can keep improving our site. We also welcome your praise – a little motivation goes a long way!

Did we mention that we are going to be putting a lot of quality HIT related information out on our social media channels and blog? So, if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to our channels:




Last but not least, as you can see, we have three other courses on their way – the CPD course, the Master Personal Trainer course and the DIY HIT course. We are currently working away to complete these and we are aiming to have them all live within 2014 and early 2015 for the DIY HIT course.

We hope you’ve got a better idea of what we are up to and share our excitement.


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