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Say hello to HITuni

HITuni has been helping people learn how to succeed with High Intensity Training for 4 years and in that time, we’ve grown significantly. There are now HITuni students and graduates spread across 4 continents and in 18 countries around the world.


From Hawaii to Japan, there are people learning High Intensity Training with HITuni.


We have always provided an education designed to nurture and enhance the success of our students. Our primary goal is to help you become one of the best-of-the-best in the industry, and that remains our guiding purpose.
Today’s world is changing rapidly and at the same time some things are still the same; we are all looking to be better, to optimise our fitness, to get into our best shape, and many of us want to enter a rewarding profession where we can help others achieve these goals too.
The market for personal training and specifically for HIT is ever expanding as more people develop a greater awareness of the need for, and benefits of exercise. HIT is an approach that fits the pace of the world today providing great reward in minimal time.
Over the past few years technology and how we use the internet has also evolved, and that is also part the reason HITuni is evolving too.
We’ve been listening to our students and with the help of their feedback we have re-imagined and developed a new online platform so you can benefit from a unique and cutting-edge learning experience. One that is more intuitive than ever to use.


We’ve re-imagined our platform to address our students’ feedback.


The website and platform is modern and fresh: looking great and working well on all screen sizes from smart phone to 27-inch+ desktop display. Helping you to study anywhere.
Then there are the reassuringly effective details such as immediate and permanent access to all your quiz and exam results. Marking your lessons as complete as you work through your course means that every time you log-in you will be able to continue from exactly where you left off without having to remember where you had got to. The student dashboard and student profile are now highly customizable to your personal preferences.
The performance of the new platform now fully matches the superior quality of the content of all our courses from Masters to DIY HIT. And as ever we are continuing to expand our existing content with even more in-depth articles and videos to keep you abreast of the latest research in the field, advanced topics, and the business of HIT and personal training.
This is what our students have come to expect of us. What we hadn’t really focused on till now is creating a brand that allows us to fully share our story and express our values. Until now.


Delivering a premium education in HIT is at the heart of our business, and the heart of our new brand.


Delivering a premium education in HIT means ensuring that our students develop a solid understanding of exercise from the ground on up, starting with the science behind the human body and the HIT protocol.
It’s about clearly communicating exactly how to create and structure optimal workouts for yourself and your clients.
It means ensuring you know when and how you will make adaptations to workout programs based on the individual’s best interest.
It is about making exercise safe, effective and efficient. It is also about the level of support you will receive throughout your learning journey.
And most importantly, a premium education in HIT means you gain the ability to help yourself and others optimize: physique, physiology and fitness.
And our logo represents this.
The circle represents focus, unity and growth. The crown represents victory and honor. The laurel wreath represents Apollo, the Greek god who is the source of Enlightenment and Health. Apollo personifies the path to healing through strength, vigor and physical culture.


Our brand values and philosophy have also been updated to reflect more fully what we represent, and the experience we want you to have and enjoy with HITuni.

  • Provide the most accessible, thorough and in-depth education in High Intensity Training- HIT.
  • Teach a methodology for achieving fitness that fulfils the SEE criteria: Safe, Effective, Efficient.
  • Present the latest exercise information, research and findings in easily digestible and practically useable formats.
  • Inspire and support you throughout your education, enabling you to become an elite-level HIT trainer.
  • Equip you with the skills to successfully improve physiology, fitness and life: your own, your peer groups’, your clients’.
  • Provide our courses through a cutting-edge online platform that is intuitive to use and easy to learn through.
  • Deliver courses with a human element, with email and video-conversation access to the HITuni team.

We’d love to hear what you think.
Simon Shawcross

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