Are you a great personal trainer? Take our quiz

The following quiz will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a personal trainer.

You will find out which are your natural traits and talents and hopefully the results will serve as a framework for you to improve.

This is based on the five characteristics and soft skills we’ve identified as important for a personal trainer: extroversion, emotional intelligence, coaching and communication, analytical skills and leadership.



The quiz contains 60 statements and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Please make a selection for every statement. For each one, you can pick “Strongly agree”, “Agree”, “Neutral”, “Disagree” and “Strongly disagree”. Avoid using the neutral option too often.

Think of yourself as you are and behave today, not how you wish you are.

Be honest with your answers. At the end of the day, this quiz will be useful to you only if you approach it truthfully.

Don’t overthink and overanalyze the statement or your answer. The first thing that cames to mind will probably be most accurate.


Statements 1-10 out of 60

Statements 11-20 out of 60

Statements 21-30 out of 60

Statements 31-40 out of 60

Statements 41-50 out of 60

Statements 51-60 out of 60

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This article was posted on November 16, 2017 by in Personal Training

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