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Fitness Trends 2013 show the need for High Intensity Training

Recently I read the ‘Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2013’ conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and although High Intensity Training (HIT) was not directly written about, there was an element of HIT within every one of the top twenty trends.

As the survey stated; a prediction was made with regards to the amount of workers within the fitness industry and the fact that more businesses are realising that having a healthier happier work force is far more productive. This in turn creates a need and increased demand for Certified Personal Trainers and persons seeking to be qualified.

So my point is why train in a specific area of the fitness industry e.g. just strength training or just weight loss when you can master the whole enchilada. Versatility is the key and until now I had found it impossible to find a system that incorporates all the factors that alongside HIT, drive towards a healthier existence.

The primary goal of HITuni is to educate any individual considering a career within the fitness industry to a level of excellence, thus producing the best instructors in the world. This fits well with the fact that there is such dramatic growth/need for qualified trainers.

The HIT protocol developed by HITuni is ideal for all individuals, young, old, and even those who suffer from some debilitation or injury. The controlled, biomechanically correct and most importantly safe exercise movements and workouts are ideal to help those of all ages and conditions. And the ‘I’ in intensity is the key to why it is simply a waste of time to spend hours, every day of the week in the gym, even for the very few people who have both the time and inclination to do so. Not to mention the sheer stress you are placing on your skeletal system (or that of your would be clients).

Circuit Training made its first appearance on the Survey of Fitness Trends list, and to that I must say that HIT is the King of circuit training, with a focus on ‘no rest breaks’ between each exercise (for the reason that it would defeat the purpose of the workout in the first place to ‘break’). To quote a great man “Exercise to be of any value must involve overload and if it involves overload exercise is not very pleasant it’s hard if it isn’t hard it has NO benefit!” Arthur Jones. So therefore should you want to receive the greatest benefits of exercise do it the HIT way- no rests and maximum intensity for maximum benefit. A HITuni Trainer will learn to coax their clients into this level of performance gradually and safely ramping them up over weeks or even months, depending on their initial condition and any other limiting factors.

A HITuni Master Trainer will have all the essential aspects of the top 20 Fitness Trends of 2013 so he/she will not simply be a ‘personal trainer’, they represent more of an ideal of what a fitness consultant needs to be, and that involves having a ruthless knowledge about every aspect of the industry ranging through anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, exercise, stress management to nutrition and beyond. The modules cover a variety of subjects including psychology and business management a vital subject as starting out on your own can be an overwhelming mission.

My belief/opinion is that inadvertently the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have proved that High Intensity Training is the method that encompasses every fundamental aspect of what everyone wants from a chosen exercise protocol.

“You CAN with HITuni!”

The Worldwide Survey of the Fitness Trends is conducted annualy by the American College of Sports Medicine. The full report is not available online, but you can enjoy a summary.

This is a guest blog, written by Charlie Robins. Charlie is an author, who trains exclusively using HIT.


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