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Announcing the release of our Newest Course: CPD HIT

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest course CPD HIT: our Continuing Professional Development Certification in High Intensity Resistance Exercise.

Keep reading to the bottom of the post to learn about our special summer offer on both of our available courses.


Who Is CPD HIT For?

CPD HIT is primarily designed for already qualified Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors. We also welcome individuals with a qualification that included the study of fundamental anatomical and physiological principles. This effectively opens our CPD HIT course to those of you who may be professionals in other health related disciplines such as: physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and so on.

What is important as a pre-requisite when deciding to take CPD HIT is that you are confident in your understanding of general anatomy and physiology and you have already acquired some people skills that have enabled you to work in a customer facing health-related role. (If this doesn’t describe you, our complete Personal Trainer course is more likely the right choice of certification course for you).

The CPD HIT course will then fast-track you beyond your current qualifications and skillsets to provide you with an additional specialism in High Intensity Resistance Exercise. Throughout the course we will show you the whys and how’s of practically applying HIT from the ground up. CPD HIT covers everything from teaching the individual exercises to creating sound routines for clients.


A Strong Reason for You to Add a Specialism in HIT to your Current Skillsets

High Intensity Resistance Exercise or HIT is the future of practical, efficient exercise for strength, hypertrophy and cardiovascular fitness as evidenced by research.

One of the greatest factors about this type of exercise from an end-client perspective, the people you will attract, is that it requires a minimal time investment for maximal results- in other words it fits with your clients’ lifestyles.

1-2 x 20-30minute workouts a week is all that it will take for your clients to get the most out of exercise. This is a huge liberation for them, no longer will they have to attempt to commit to time consuming and unsustainable exercise appointments, multiple times per week before inevitably dropping out. Client retention with HIT is high because it works, is convenient and ultimately is sustainable.


Additionally the HITuni protocol is about as safe and risk-free as the application of exercise for physical improvement is likely to get. The plus points for your potential clients/target audience are numerous, and this form of empowering exercise will become a uniquely viable and attractive solution for them, one which you will be well positioned to offer them.


A Brief Look at the Modules of the CPD HIT Course

The four modules of the CPD course are designed to expand on your fundamental knowledge of exercise and introduce you to the specifics of High Intensity Resistance Exercise and its practical application.

Module 1: Transition into High Intensity Resistance Training

This first module is an ideal bridge between your current knowledge of exercise and High Intensity Resistance Exercise. This module is all about enabling you to make a smooth and seamless transition into providing a High Intensity Resistance Exercise service to paying clients.

Module 2: The Science of HIT: Theory and Practice

This module is perhaps the epicenter of the course. Here you will attain a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about High Intensity Resistance Exercise, how to apply HIT with clients, and how to structure routines: everything from the micro-detail to the macro is covered in this module and its lessons.

Module 3: Exercise Demonstrations

By this point you will have understood the theory and the concepts behind HIT’s practical application; now you will need to learn or refine your understanding of the appropriate exercises.

This module covers 51 exercises in great detail, including machine exercises, free weight exercises, bodyweight exercises and additionally timed static contraction and static hold exercises.

You will also benefit from our encyclopaedic Routine Directory featuring 63 High Intensity Training routines.

Module 4: Advanced Training Techniques I

In the Advanced Training Techniques I module, you’ll learn the 4 most valuable Advanced Training Techniques in High Intensity Resistance Exercise. Each advanced technique is presented via its own video demonstration with voiceover and accompanying detailed notes.


CPD HIT And The HITuni Platform: Excellence In Exercise Education

The four modules of the CPD course each consist of a series of lessons delivered via fast streaming video lectures, with a presenter and visuals that engage the mind, giving you the best seat in the classroom.

The videos are enhanced and supported with in depth course notes and images that explain the video concepts in greater detail. At the start of each module, there are also links provided to relevant research papers, recommended reading and other documents, to help you to expand your learning.

The learning process is made as convenient as possible via our intuitive and easy to use HITuni online platform. Take a look at a the platform in action in this video:


What Is The Main Difference Between The CPD HIT Course And The Full Personal Trainer Course

The Personal Trainer course is designed to take someone new to exercise and new to anatomy and physiology all the way up to being able to work effectively with clients, with great confidence.

As we mentioned earlier the CPD HIT course is primarily for those of you who are already personal trainers or gym instructors, or perhaps you work in another health related field and have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology.

As such there are additional modules in the PT course, specifically: The Benefits of Exercise, The Human Body and Exercise (including Anatomy and Physiology), Working with Clients, Working with Special Populations and Nutrition.


Interested In Learning More About The CPD HIT Certification?

Learn more about the HITuni CPD HIT Certification course here.



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