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Wellbeing: Stress Resilience and Peak Performance

In this module, we focus exactly on how to manage lifestyle effectively to promote wellbeing and peak performance for both yourself and your clients.

We will look at the different types of stress that people face today and the symptoms these stressors can produce. We will see how the nervous system responds and taking this knowledge how you can best support your nervous system through simple everyday lifestyle strategies, including:

  • Heightened awareness and the required mindset
  • Mastering the Basic Rest Activity Cycle,
  • Mixing physical and mental relaxation strategies,
  • Breathing, meditation and power napping.
  • Circadian rhythm tactics and sleep.

By absorbing the information in this module and putting it to practice you will be able to achieve peak performance levels yourself. You will also have the knowledge and tools to be able to teach your clients how to look after themselves in ways that support their physical exercise and nutrition.


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