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The final module of the MPT course is our in-depth nutrition module, this will give you a strong understanding of human nutrition, and nutrition that supports exercise and good health.

Although this course is primarily about exercise, a discipline and area of study that stands on its own merits, in the real world of personal training and working with clients it is also valuable to have a fundamental grasp of sound nutritional principles.

Many clients commence exercise as part of a holistic desire to improve not only their wellbeing but also they way they look, and losing body fat often plays fundamental role in this aspect. Additionally sound nutrition plays an important role in supporting and optimizing the benefits a client can attain from intense exercise in general. This module will give you an an understanding of nutrition that you will be able to impart to your clients where appropriate.

You will learn everything you need to know to pass on practical advice to clients whether their primary goal is to reduce bodyfat, increase lean tissue or simply to eat more healthfully.


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