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Advanced Training Techniques I and II

You’ll learn the most valuable Advanced Training Techniques in HIT, how to apply them, the exact circumstances in which they should be used, and with which clients. Each advanced technique is presented via its own video demonstration with voiceover and accompanying detailed notes.

In this module we cover all the techniques that we consider to be most valuable:

1. Rep Assist or Forced Rep
2. Drop Set
3. Rest Pause
4. Adapted Static Hold
5. Max Pyramid
6. Reps Within Reps
7. 20-10-5
8. Mini sets
9. Hyper protocol
10. Loaded stretch pause
11. Negative only
12. Negative accentuated
13. Pre-exhaust and post-exhaust
14. Partial ROM reps to MMF
15. 1 ¼ Repetitions


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