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Nick Brooks

About me

I’m a writer and lecturer in writing, currently based in Slovakia. I’ve been very interested in training since about 2013, when I lost around 4.5 stone using trad weight training styles. However, a minor stroke – and a resultant movement disorder – got me to trying to address how to train more efficiently, and with less chance of injury, or exacerbating my condition. I only recently decided I’d like to change my career and train clients in HIT. I’m expecting to struggle a bit with the science aspects of this course, but am feeling upbeat about this decision so far!

I’ve been training using HIT methods myself since around September last year, and have found that I have responded well to it thus far. Currently, I’m attempting to gain some weight/muscle, since at a bit over 6 feet tall, at a weight of 67kg, I’ve been feeling a bit scrawny.

I also recently gained an Intermediate (Level 4) Tai Chi Teacher certification with Practical Tai Chi Chuan International, so I’m also intending to continue with that, too. At the moment, I’m unsure about whether I’m actually ready to teach tai chi chuan, since my balance on my left hand side is poor (owing to my movement disorder), so I’d like to improve this if possible.

I’ve literally just begun the course, so I’m excited by the possibilities it offers, and the richness of the material, though I find some of it quite daunting. I also find my note-taking is slow and needs frequent breaks because I’m no longer able physically to write with my left-hand all that clearly or speedily. Ultimately, I think this will lead me into working with ‘special’ populations – especially those with dystonia or other movement disorders, though I recognise the problems there may be in doing so.


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