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Paul Becker HIT Personal Trainer


I have been involved in fitness for over 40 years and can help you reach your goals to become healthy, fit, stronger, slimmer, more energetic, looking great and feeling great! As your personal trainer I will teach, motivate, and inspire you. When I take on a client, I ask a lot of questions, so I can get a complete view of who you are and what are your goals, and after an initial assessment, I design a customized workout and diet program based on realistic and achievable goals and suited to your unique needs and wants. I will get you in the best shape of your life!

Price per session:
Free introductory appointment
1-1 personal training
Group training
Virtual training
Phone consultation
Exercise machines
Bodyweight training
Free weights
Motorized equipment
Resistance bands
Bodyfat measurement
Nutritional advice
Weight loss
Physical therapy
Athlete training
Cardio / H.I.I.T.
Contact Information
Paul Becker
416 Clabby Rd , Weiser, Idaho 83672, United States


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