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We proudly present an exclusive deep dive exploration of Mike Mentzer and his famed theory of bodybuilding exercise. The Mentzer approach to building muscle was and is revolutionary and yet is frequently misunderstood. This course breaks new ground by fully contextualizing Mike’s work: equal parts biography and presentation/critical analysis of his exercise theory and training recommendations. Learn how he really built his ultimate competition winning physique and how you can apply Mike’s methodology to build muscle and strength today.

33 Lessons
77 Videos
340-page Exclusive Book
14 Hours of content


Learn the essentials of High Intensity Training in under four hours and follow the exercise demonstrations when training yourself using either just your bodyweight, or a pair of dumbbells, or home or gym exercise machines.

12 Lessons
39 Videos
34 Demonstrations
9 Routines


In this course, John Little, co-author of the pioneering book, Body by Science, presents an alternative version of High Intensity Resistance Training, one that’s based on ‘proper’ exercise, without the hype, without the nonsense, just focused on getting you results.

21 Lessons
45 Videos
5 Exercise protocols
12-Month training program


In this course, Simon Shawcross presents No External Load Training, a highly effective method of resistance training that doesn’t require the use of weights or equipment. NXL training also has significant advantages over bodyweight training. Recent research has shown NXL training can stimulate muscle gains to the same extent as traditional resistance or weight training.

10 Lessons
30 Videos
20 Demonstrations
6 Fullbody Routines


In this course, Bill DeSimone picks apart “Functional Training” to reveal only that which is truly beneficial and optimal for use within the context of brief, regular HIT/strength training workouts.

16 Lessons
41 Videos
33 Demonstrations
7 Routines


Exercise Physiologist Skyler Tanner teaches you to use the strength you have built through HIT to learn to run well, giving you the “gift of human flight”. The cornerstone of this course is a 4-phase training program to improve you strength, skill, speed and prep to run a distance of your choice.

15 Lessons
23 Videos
11 Demonstrations
4 Training guides


Fitness model and personal trainer, Jay Vincent shows you the exact workout and techniques he uses to build his photo-shoot ready physique. With a focus on bodybuilding, this course outlines the exercise and nutrition required for muscle growth.

17 Lessons
35 Videos
17 Demonstrations
1 Key Routine


Brought to you by Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength, this robust training programme will teach you what steps you need to take to convert an enquiry to a client, as well as how to run a top-notch introductory appointment that closes the deal near every time.

18 Lessons
26 Videos
3 Role-playing demonstrations
1 Master blueprint for client conversion


What our users are saying

There is everything I need in there. I can’t see myself using any other resource on High Intensity Training for quite a long time. I thought it was great and I’ll be using it again and again and again. I am talking even compared to university level education. You do four years studying exercise science and you are not having the resources available the same way it’s here or as...Read more

Nick Brooks

HITuni Certified Master HIT Personal Trainer

The course is great. It’s a great platform. We are definitely going to be using it. I am going to be hiring some new trainers for our new facility in the coming months and the CPD course is going to be a requirement for our new trainers. Love the videos, love the content, love the access to it. The way you laid it all out with the quizzes and the practical videos is a great way to round up...Read more

Matt Mombourquette

HITuni Certified trainer, BSc.Kin., Owner One Up Fitness

First of all, I want to say I love the program. I haven’t done any other certification or any other type of education that has been as all encompassing as this has been. The HITuni course gave me more coaching tools and tips to refresh my training of clients and actually my interest as well. I've logged tens of thousands of hours training clients since I started in 2005, and this course was...Read more

Greg Viland

HITuni Certified Trainer, Iconic Trainer at Discover Strength

For $99, it would be tough to make this much better. I am very glad to have the detailed explanations of the exercises for reference. When I feel like I’m stuck, or something is off about an exercise, I will return to the demos for reference. I loved it and will recommend to others interested in high intensity strength training.Read more

Matthew Ely

Student on the DIY HIT course

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What's the difference between your certification courses?

The Master HIT Personal Trainer course (MPT) is our most complete course, which covers things like Wellbeing, Business and Marketing, on top of the modules of the PT course. The HIT Personal Trainer course is for someone with no existing PT qualification, who is looking to specialize in High Intensity Training, whereas the CPD HIT course is for people already in the industry, who have knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and working experience of training clients, and are looking to add HIT to their skillset.


How are your courses delivered?

The HITuni courses are an immersive multi-media learning experience, consisting of:

  • Instructor-led video lectures
  • Extensive and in-depth course notes
  • Video demonstrations featuring graphic enhancement and voice-overs
  • Video interviews with industry experts
  • Animated gifs & detailed photographs
  • Quizzes to test your learning
  • Expert Q&A area

How much can I earn as a Personal Trainer, specializing in HIT?

In the US, some trainers charge up to $120 per half-hour HIT session and others charge $50. In the UK, the training fee for a HIT appointment is usually between £25 and £80. So, if you are doing 50 training sessions per week and charging $50 per session, you can be turning over $100,000 in a year. And that is one trainer working alone before you consider hiring staff.


What type of support do I get?

As you go through your course, you will see that you can post questions in each lesson, your questions will be answered by a HITuni expert. Additionally, you can contact us at any time via email and you can also book a one-to-one video-chat. We are here to help you learn and succeed.




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I look forward to welcoming you to your course

With our certified courses, I guarantee you will be able to offer your clients and yourself the very best in fitness and health. From basic principles to practical tips, I'm going to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Plus, the course format makes learning fun!