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Course delivery

Learn at your pace and your convenience

When you invest in a course with HITuni, you will get lifelong access to your course.

You can then choose to study the material and to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

Once you have graduated you will benefit from the ability to refer back to the content to refresh your memory, refine your understanding and absorb even more detail.

Platform demonstration

Immersive Course Learning

All our courses are delivered through our innovative and user-friendly online platform.

Each course has an intuitive modular structure that simplifies and amplifies your learning experience.

Every module consists of a series of individual lessons that are tailored to build on one another.

The modules and lessons feature:

Instructor-led video lectures with layered animations
Extensive and in-depth course notes to reinforce and expand on the lectures
Video demonstrations featuring graphic enhancement and voice-overs
Video interviews with industry experts
Animated gifs
Detailed photographs
Quizzes at the end of each module to test your learning as you progress

Assessment & Certification

Once you have completed all the modules of your course, the next step to achieving certification is passing the examination process.

Note that the DIY HIT course doesn’t provide certification and therefore, there are no exams to complete.

The final exam for the MPT, PT and CPD courses consist of three parts:

The first step is a questionnaire.

This is in a similar format to the quizzes you get at the end of every module. You can take this, as many times as you want until you achieve the score you are happy with. The minimum acceptable score is 75%.

The second step is submission of your practical video thesis.

Here you will demonstrate your understanding of the course by instructing an individual through a full workout. This will be scored out of 100.

The third step is a video-interview with Simon or another HITuni member.

Here you will discuss your video thesis in detail and be asked questions relating to aspects of your course. This will, also, be scored out of 100.

Successful completion a certification-level course, requires the achievement of an average of at least 75% on all three parts of the exam.

If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you will be able to re-submit once again with no additional charge. After this, there will be an administration fee of USD $100 per additional submission.

As a HITuni student, you get access to

Expert Q&A area

At the end of each lesson, you can post any questions you may have and get an answer from a HITuni expert. Whether you need help; grasping a concept, translating theory to real-world application or confirming your understanding we will answer all your specific questions. As well as receiving an answer from a HITuni team member, other students can comment on your question as well. Adding comments to other student’s questions is also a valuable part of your own learning experience as it helps to solidify your own understanding of a topic.

Email support

As a HITuni student, you can email us directly at anytime for IT support, personal questions, to provide feedback or pretty much anything you want to discuss with the HITuni team. We will respond to your email within 48 hours and often much more quickly than that.

One-to-One video chat appointments

You can book a One-to-One video chat session with Simon. Please, email us at least week in advance of your preferred date. Additionally, a requirement for all certification-level students is the final video-interview, an important element of the examination process and an opportunity for you to show your understanding of HIT.

Personalized feedback on your performance (as a trainer or trainee)

As part of our certification courses, you will be required to submit a video of yourself training a client, on which you will receive in-depth personalized feedback on your performance.

Similarly, students of the DIY HIT for Health course can submit a video of training themselves that fellow students will review.



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