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The Business of Personal Training

Get ready to start the business of a lifetime

Your success, as a fitness professional, rests on your interpersonal and business skills as much as it relies on your understanding of exercise science and the HIT protocol.

  • Understand your market and core client needs
  • How to discover your potential clients and appeal to them
  • How to set up a revenue model that works
  • Learn how to protect and grow your business

Becoming accomplished at the elements listed above distinguishes truly entrepreneurial individuals from the self-employed.

Acknowledging this, we have included business and marketing modules in our Master Personal Trainer Course; (also available soon, as an add-on module, for our Personal Trainer students). These two modules focus specifically on how to grow a successful personal training and fitness business.

Included in those modules are the essential building blocks of a successful fitness business. All addressed in a clear how-to format:

  • Create a business plan
  • Manage your budget and accounts
  • Get insurance
  • Market your business online and offline
  • Advertise and sell effectively
  • Core client retention strategies


How much can a HIT Personal Trainer Earn?

In the US, some trainers charge up to $120 per half-hour HIT session and others charge $50. In the UK, the training fee for a HIT appointment is usually between £25 and £80. So, if you are doing 50 training sessions per week and charging $50 per session, you can be turning over $100,000 in a year. And that is one trainer working alone before you consider hiring staff.