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See for yourself why Lawrence recommends HITuni to help you get certified and grow your skillset, and why he himself has completed the Personal Trainer Course.

Get access to the most comprehensive High Intensity Training courses on the web.







Founder of High Intensity Business





What you get

Up to 68 lessons, totaling over 30 hours of content

Up to 105 exercise demonstrations and 130 routines

Lifelong access to the platform and course material

One free Skype consultation with Simon

Personalized feedback on your workout and coaching



What others say about HITuni and the courses

Today, amid the continuing, overwhelming clutter of the fitness “industry”—the online influencers, the boot camps, the infomercials, the alphabet soup of certifications, the (remaining) glossy print magazines, and the like, HITuni may be the only provider of formal education in safe, brief, effective, exercise-based weight...Read more

Bill DeSimone

HIT personal trainer, owner of Optimal Exercise, author and speaker

As someone who had read Body by Science and listened to all the Corporate Warrior podcasts and was really into High Intensity Training, but had no background in Anatomy and Physiology or business and marketing, I learned a ton from the Master Personal Trainer course. I really liked that there were both videos and notes in each lesson. Watching...Read more

Matthew Carstens

HITuni Certified Master HIT Personal Trainer

There is everything I need in there. I can’t see myself using any other resource on High Intensity Training for quite a long time. I thought it was great and I’ll be using it again and again and again. I am talking even compared to university level education. You do four years studying exercise science and you are not having the resources...Read more

Nick Brooks

HITuni Certified Master HIT Personal Trainer

I'm really enjoying each module. I find the videos and corresponding notes really suit my learning style and the quiz at the end of each module is a fantastic tool to assess my understanding. Thank you very much for the obvious hard work you've put into creating this course, it's greatly appreciated.Read more

Jamie Skelly

HITuni student



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Master Personal Trainer Course

$1,099 $989.1

Get certified as a Master Personal Trainer with a High Intensity Resistance Training Specialization

For gym/studio owners (new or experienced)



Personal Trainer Course

$799 $719.1

Get certified as a Personal Trainer with a High Intensity Resistance Training Specialization

For personal trainers (all experience levels)



Continuing Professional Development Course

$399 $359.1

Get certified as a High Intensity Resistance Training Specialist

For experienced exercise professionals (existing relevant certification required)



Do-It-Yourself HIT for Health Course

$99 $89.1

Learn the fundamentals of High Intensity Resistance Training. This course doesn't certify you to train others.

For hobbyists 




Bespoke course for your gym

Did you know that you can customize any HITuni course for your exact business needs?

Pick and choose the modules that are relevant to your trainers, embed your own content, track their progress and many more options are available, when designing your custom learning experience for your brand.

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