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Training for Life: HIT

HIT or High Intensity Strength Training has value beyond that which all other forms of physical activity confer. It doesn’t matter whether you have never exercised before, whether you are a seasoned athlete, male or female, 12 years old or 80 years old the principles of HIT are applicable and safe to apply to all.

HIT is about long-term fitness, health and strength. Know that every possible physiological benefit that it is possible to attain from exercise, is achieved when you employ HIT. To the uninitiated this may sound like a bold claim, yet HIT is nothing more than a distillation of everything productive about exercise with all the possible dangers or impurities removed.

What does this mean? What are the benefits of exercise and what are the dangers?



Increased strength and flexibility, reduction or elimination of lower back pain, improved posture and protection from injury.

Cardiovascular stimulation, cardiovascular and respiratory improvements, cardiovascular efficiency.

Improved; gastrointestinal transit time, metabolic rate, glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels, hormonal profiles, immune system function, blood pressure level, release of body fat stores.

Increases in bone mineral density and a reduction in the symptoms of arthritis.

And of course a further outcome of many of the above benefits: physical appearance.

(And we’ll leave aside the equally lengthy list of psychological benefits of exercise from this article).



Chronic stress, chronic inflammation and weakened immune function.

Damage to tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage.

Loss of muscle tissue (overuse atrophy) and weakening.


The HIT perspective on exercise is first and foremost to do no harm.


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