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My Podcast Collection On High Intensity Training and Wellbeing

Here’s a collection of a selection of my podcasts over the years (from most recent to oldest).

24 July 2018, Bridging the medical and fitness gap

Another classic podcast with Eric Feigl, where we discuss how medical and fitness professionals can work together to meet their patient/client needs and goals. Listen to learn how a personal trainer can and should create relationships with healthcare providers and physical therapists in order to provide the most appropriate exercise program especially for clients that would classify as “special populations”.

Listen or download below

10 July 2018, Client compliance and motivation

In this podcast, I discussed with Eric Feigl client compliance, what works and what doesn’t. We talked about finding the true motivation behind why clients want to get in shape, lose weight and get fit. Often times, they might not tell you what their motivation is, so you, the trainer, have to do a bit of ‘detective work’ to figure it out. Anything from looking good in a bikini to experiencing a health scare or wanting to live longer and enjoy the grandkids, multiple reasons motivate clients and the big question we discuss in the podcast is how do you keep clients in check with their goals?

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11 June 2018, High Intensity Training across the globe

While visiting New York city, I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon with Adam Zickerman and be invited to the Inform Fitness podcast. We discussed:

  • the state of HIT today around the world,
  • the differences in HIT philosophies and
  • similarities in the protocol across specialist HIT gyms and trainers.
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3 April 2018, Exercise selection, rushing routine variance and how desire ruins effectiveness

In this podcast, I discussed with Eric Feigl exercise selection and purpose. Topics we covered include:

  • why you shouldn’t change your routine too often
  • using manual resistance
  • how to progress new trainees
  • the importance of training for longevity.
Listen or download on Fitness Candor

30 November 2017, How I started a HIT business from scratch, effectively marketed and scaled it to success

On this celebratory No #100 episode on Corporate Warrior, I shared my story and the story of HITuni. Specifically (adapted from Lawrence’s very detailed show notes):

  • Promoting High Intensity Training and how to make it big
  • HITuni’s very first sale
  • The customer journey: from discovering HITuni to purchasing a course
  • What kept me motivated when we were developing what would eventually become HITuni
  • Would I have done differently when it comes to starting a HIT business?
  • The importance of patience in the path toward becoming successful
  • What’s in the plans for HITuni for the next 6 months
  • Time management, work-life balance, and how having children changes you
  • The value of HITuni’s courses, accrediation, and recognition
  • What we’ve learned so far from managing and overseeing a certification program
  • What HITuni offers in comparison to more formal education paths
  • What’s the difference between HITuni’s courses and certifications versus what the Super Slow Guild used to offer back in the day
  • Patterns and commonalities among the most successful HITuni graduates
  • How long does it usually take to go through a HITuni course?
  • Contrary to the trend of online course having low completion rates, HITuni’s students are committed to their courses
  • Taking on new instructors in the near future
  • Will there be a Resistance Exercise Conference in the UK in the future?
  • Drawing more people toward HIT
  • The high client retention rate for HIT personal trainers
  • How can trainers attract and motivate people who don’t like going to the gym?
  • What are the most effective advertising and marketing tactics and techniques that we’ve seen/used in the HIT niche?
  • Getting new clients without owning your own facility or have one in a low foot traffic location, remote coaching, on-location and in-situ client consultations, and what to avoid and be wary o
  • What online business opportunities are available to people, particularly HIT enthusiasts
  • The importance of passion, interest, and sustainability
Listen or download on Corporate Warrior

31 October 2017, High intensity exercise for efficient strength training

In my first podcast with Fitness Candor, I had the pleasure to meet Eric and chat about:

  • why devoting 20-30 minutes, twice a week is a great way to receive the benefits of strength training
  • why being systematic about your training is important
  • why getting very comfortable being uncomfortable is crucial to seeing results
  • a sample High Intensity Training routine and how it should be performed.
Listen or download on Fitness Candor

27 March 2016, How to optimise productivity through nutrition, mindset and meditation

Besides exercise, I am very passionate about overall wellbeing. So, I really enjoyed this podcast with Lawrence Neal on nutrition, mindset and meditation. We discussed:

  • My fasting protocol
  • Caffeine consumption, incl. drinking coffee with fat
  • How to find high quality eggs
  • My  workout
  • A practical trick to eliminate the judgement of others for a healthier mind
  • Negative thoughts about self or others and their negative impact on productivity
  • How to optimise eustress (increase productivity) in a busy office environment
  • How I structure his working day?
  • A very effective movement practice
  • Meditation techniques
  • What the proven benefits of meditation are
  • Effective goal setting techniques
  • What the biggest challenges in creating HITuni have been
  • Simon’s advice for anyone starting an internet-based business
  • How my thinking about exercise has evolved in the last year
  • When I’ve felt most successful, in the last five years
  • What advice I’d give my 20-year-old self
  • What’s something I consider true that no one agrees with
Listen or download on Corporate Warrior

16 December 2014, How HIT improves cardiovascular health and how to become a great personal trainer

This was my first appearance on Corporate Warrior in its early days (back in 2014!) and the beginning of a successful partnership with Lawrence. The topics in this podcast were:

  • High Intensity Training: definition, how to do it, and its benefits
  • How does HIT improve cardiovascular performance
  • A healthy approach to nutrition based on science and the hunter gatherer diet
  • How to become a good HIT personal trainer
  • The challenges in dealing with NHS in relaton to nutritional guidelines
  • My personal dietary plan
  • My top 3 tips for improving your health
Listen or download on Fitness Candor

A Balanced Life : Managing Stress, Nutrition, & Exercise

I also found this talk I gave some 7 years ago at the T21Convention, title “A Balanced Life : Managing Stress, Nutrition, & Exercise” and I thought I’d include is here as well.

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