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About the courses

The HITuni courses are delivered online as an immersive multi-media learning experience, consisting of;

  • Instructor-led video lectures
  • Extensive and in-depth course notes
  • Video demonstrations featuring graphic enhancement and voice-overs
  • Video interviews with industry experts
  • Animated gifs & detailed photographs
  • Quizzes to test your learning
  • Expert Q&A area
  • One-to-one video chat appointments
  • Personal feedback
  • Email support

As you go through your course, you will see that you can post questions in each lesson, your questions will be answered by a HITuni expert.

Additionally, you can contact us at any time via email and you can also book a one-to-one video-chat. We are here to help you learn and succeed.

If you are taking our MPT or PT courses you will need to purchase or own our recommended Anatomy and Physiology app (or purchase or own a similar app or book).

Our CPD and DIY courses do not require you to purchase any additional materials.

Anyone can take our MPT (Master Personal Trainer) and PT (Personal Trainer) courses, as they don’t require any previous experience or certification. Whether you consider yourself beginner, intermediate or advanced at HIT, these two courses cover all the information a HIT personal trainer needs to know from the ground up.

The CPD course (Continuing Professional Development) is for existing personal trainers and related health professionals who have passed a certification course or degree with an Anatomy and Physiology component and have professional experience in the field. The HITuni CPD course will enable you to update your skillset and be able to offer a HIT service.

Anyone can take our DIY HIT course, as it is for those wishing to learn how to apply HIT to themselves and it does not certify you to train others.

The only HITuni course that requires previous certification is the CPD course (Continuing Professional Development). This course is for existing personal trainers and related health professionals who have passed a certification course or degree with an Anatomy and Physiology component and have professional experience in the field. The HITuni CPD course will enable you to update your skillset and be able to offer a HIT service. MPT, PT and DIY HIT do not require any previous certification.

The minimum age for enrolment for all our courses is 16 years old.

When enrolling on a course with HITuni, you will get lifelong access to our platform and course materials. We do encourage our students to aim to complete their course within 6 months, but it is you who decides when to take the final exam and complete your certification.

About the certification process

Once you have completed all the modules of your course, the next step to achieving certification is passing the examination process. Note that the DIY HIT course doesn’t provide certification and therefore, there are no exams to complete.

The final exam for the MPT, PT and CPD courses consist of three parts:

The first step is a questionnaire.

This is in a similar format to the quizzes you get at the end of every module. You can take this, as many times as you want until you achieve the score you are happy with. The minimum acceptable score is 75%.

The second step is submission of your practical video thesis.

Here you will demonstrate your understanding of the course by instructing an individual through a full workout. This will be scored out of 100.

The third step is a video-interview with Simon or another HITuni member.

Here you will discuss your video thesis in detail and be asked questions relating to aspects of your course. This will, also, be scored out of 100.

Successful completion a certification-level course, requires the achievement of an average of at least 75% on all three parts of the exam.

If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you will be asked to submit a written essay or re-submit your video thesis.

You can print your own certificate directly from your dashboard, this feature will be unlocked once you have successfully completed all parts of the certification process.

You will also receive a printed certificate. These are posted out in batches 4 times a year.

You can upgrade from any course to a higher level course at anytime by sending us an email hello@hituni.com. 

Every two years you will be required to submit a written or filmed case study on working with a particular client.

With our certificate, you would likely be recognized internationally as a personal trainer specializing in HIT by trainers, gyms and individuals who know about HIT. There are gyms globally that encourage their trainers to specifically take HITuni certifications.

If you mean will various different bodies around the world with different perspectives on exercise acknowledge the HITuni certification then that is unlikely.

If you want to teach HIT specifically, then our certification is probably the best and most up-to-date you’ll find in the market. We interview leading researchers and authors in our field and base our certification programs on both scientific research and years of practical experience.

After successfully achieving your certification, you may decide to work at an established gym or to start your own personal training business.

Our Master Personal Trainer course offers detailed information on how to setup, market and manage your business.

Also, we regularly post articles on personal training on our blog.

Using the site for members

1. Click on Login > Forgot password.

2. Enter your username or email address.

3. Click on the link you’ll receive in your email (check your junk email too).

4. Enter your preferred password or use the one generated automatically. 5. Once you’ve accessed your account, you can change you password by going to your dashboard > Settings.

There are two reasons you may have lost access to your account.

1. You entered a wrong password or username more than ten times. In this case, your access will be blocked temporarily. Wait 15 minutes and then you will be able to enter your login details or change your password to access your account.

2. You deleted your account. This action is irreversible. You will need to create a brand new account and contact us so that we can add you to your course once we've confirmed your payment.

Every member of our site has by deafult a public profile. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can edit your profile by going to Profile > Edit.

Main profile: Here you will be able to change your nickname, location, workplace, bio and your social media channels.

Profile visibility: Here you can also change the visiibility of your profile from "Everyone" to "Site Members" or "Only you".

Profile photo: You can change your photo by going to Profile > Change profile photo.

Yes, there are two ways you can track your progress. The first is tracking the lessons you've completed and the second is the keeping tracking of the quizzes and assignments you've completed and the marks you achieved.

Course progress: At the end of each lesson, you will be able to mark it as complete.

This will reflect on the percentage of course completed and progress bar you see on your student and course dashboards.

You will also see the number of lessons and quizzes you've mark as completed on the course dashboard.

Assignments and Quizzes results: Every time you take a quiz, your results will be saved and will be accessible from your student dashboard.

Go to Dashboard > Courses > Results.

The results of your assignments, including your video thesis, will also be available here.

At the end of each lesson, you will be able to post a question.

You will receive an email confirming that your question has successfully been posted and a second email when your question has received a reply by your instructor.

You will also be notified of this activity on your student dashboard.

Yes, the student forum is a new feature we launched. This forum is accessible by all HITuni students across courses.

You will be able to start new topics, reply to others’ topics, favorite and subscribe to your preferred conversations.

The topics you’ve started or participated in will appear on your student dashboard.

This is a new area of the student dashboard, where notifications will appear regarding your questions posted and answered on your course, news and announcements from instructors, etc.

Once you’ve read your notifications, you will be able to mark them as “read”.

If you are facing any other issue with using the site, please email help@hituni.com.

Purchasing courses

Purchasing a course is super easy. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to the course you are interested in and click "Take this course".

2. Next, you will be able to review your order, including adding a discount code (if you have one), and click "Proceed to checkout".

3. Add your billing details, and importantly your username and password that you will use to access your course. 

4. Then, proceed to PayPal, our payment processor and complete your payment.

Yes, you can use a credit/debit card without a PayPay account.

When you go through the payment process, you will be asked to create an account on our site.

If you are looking to enrol yourself in multiple different courses, then yes, you can buy more than one course at the same time. 

If you are looking to enrol other individuals (one or more) in our courses, then please purchase Course Vouchers.

Yes, you can do so by purchasing Course Vouchers or Gift Cards.

With course vouchers, you will be paying the full course price, whereas with gift cards you choose the amount you want pay. 

They both generate discount codes that the new student can use to enrol to the course.

At checkout, you can choose whether the codes are sent to yourself or the person(s) you are buying the course for.

After you click on "Take this course", you will be able to add your coupon code and update your cart.

About the affiliate program

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program, where the affiliate drives traffic our webite. When a user they referred to us converts into a paying customer (i.e. purchases a course), the affiliate get paid an affiliate commission.

We have two ways to track the sales your referral traffic generated, cookies and coupons.

We offer 25% on the sale price for every affiliate referral.

We pay our affiliates monthly, via PayPal.

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About the HITGYM AIO

Yes we do. The cost varies depending on location. Please contact us to enquire about shipping the HITGYM AIO to your region.

The HITGYM AIO is custom built per order. You pay a 40% down payment so that the production of your equipment can start and then the remaining 60% to release it from the factory – this will be on average 6-8 weeks after you place your order. HITuni can arrange the best shipping option for your location, in terms of cost and quality of service. We are working on developing other flexible payment schemes that will enable you to start your business now and pay for the HITGYM AIO, as you go.

The manufacturer of the HITGYM AIO, David Health Solutions, offers a 2-year warranty on all the mechanical parts of the machine, (this doesn’t cover fitting of the parts). Please contact us for more information.




If you still need help, please email hello@hituni.com.