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What is High Intensity Training?

There has been a prevailing misconception that to be fit a person must train at least three times a week for half an hour or more.

However over the last decade there has been an increase in published scientific research that confirms the efficacy of HIT: 1-2 exercise interventions per week of 10-25 minutes in length, each consisting of between 3- 8 biomechanically sound exercises that when combined usually address the body as a whole (although “split-routines” are viable), where muscle groups are taken to momentary failure (or fatigue) in a single set within a timeframe of 45-120 seconds per exercise.

Additionally these movements are performed in a relatively slow, always controlled and safe manner. When performed under the watchful eye of an expert HIT Trainer this form of exercise is the safest and most prudent form of physical conditioning for everyone, movement as medicine as it were. HITuni aims to make HIT accessible to a far greater audience by providing the market with expert HIT Personal Trainers.


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