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What is the primary muscle or muscle group this exercise targets? Take our quiz.

Knowing the human body is critical in order to be able to prescribe appropriate exercise programs for your clients and answer questions they might have on how the human body works.
Every personal trainer should be able to formulate routines that target the body effectively and to do so, you need to know which exercises stimulate which muscles or muscle group.
Our quiz will help you test your knowledge on exactly that! Are you ready for it?

Note that for each exercise, many, many, MANY different muscles are involved and depending on the role they play in a movement, they will be prime movers, synergists, stabilizers, dynamic stabilizers or antagonistic stabilizers.
In this quiz, we are looking for the prime movers, also called agonist muscles or simply put the main target muscles. This is the muscle or muscle group for which the exercise is primarily intended.

Once you click on ‘Start quiz’, you will have 5 minutes to pick the correct prime movers for our 10 exercises.


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