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The Life and Legacy of Mike Mentzer


This course presents a complete, candid overview and critical analysis of champion bodybuilder Mike Mentzer’s life and work. A training guide, biography and philosophical treatise combined. Mike’s work and message is presented here in a uniquely cohesive and engaging manner. Build your muscles, build your mind, and learn more about one of bodybuilding’s all-time greats. Created by Mike Mentzer’s close friend and co-author (High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way) John Little, with support from Simon Shawcross (HITuni).

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to your course
Welcome to the Mike Mentzer Life and Legacy course 00:07:25
Mike Mentzer biography: Key Elements and Defining Moments in his Life
Mike’s family and upbringing 00:35:43
Adversity & Adaptation ’77-‘79 00:19:52
Two Bodybuilders: Mike and Arnold 00:16:35
Arnold’s ’80 Olympia entry 00:03:43
1980 Olympia and corruption in bodybuilding 01:42:10
1980 Olympia judging panel 00:07:26
Questioning other contest results 00:07:20
Boycotting the ’81 Olympia 00:03:47
Amphetamines 00:06:28
Friendship with John Little 00:14:36
Muscle magazines 02:08:11
Famous clients 01:24:58
Mike’s Training Journey
How Mike Trained as a Young Man: Mike’s Very First Routine 00:03:42
How Mike trained for bodybuilding competitions 01:56:15
The Arthur Jones influence 00:31:14
The hidden damage of bodybuilding 00:17:08
Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty: Evolution, Critical Analysis and Practical Application
A coherent theory of exercise 00:26:26
One Valid Theory 00:43:00
Mike’s Contribution: Applied Thinking, Essential Concepts and Derivatives 00:23:21
Genetics, Adaptation, Frequency 00:48:43
Why high volume training is prevalent 00:26:14
Famous Volume Trainees reduce volume 00:14:13
The frequency HIT trainers default to 01:14:39
Commercial interests vs Mike Mentzer 00:13:42
Mike’s Philosophy for Living a Productive Life
A passion for the mind 00:47:59
Mentzer Rising: Mindset of Progress 00:23:04
HIT trainers overstepping their bounds 00:11:28
Mike’s philosophical thinking and development 01:07:34
The proper context of exercise in a fulfilling life 00:39:35
Fiction Writing 00:03:22
Exclusive Bonus Materials
The Four Key Bonus Resources 02:33:53
The Integrated Man 00:01:00

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course


    This course is entertaining, educational and inspiring. Everything one would expect from Mike Mentzers life . Thank you to John little for making this happen. Absolutely brilliant!

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