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HIT Personal Trainer Course


The HIT Personal Trainer Course will equip you with the most essential knowledge and skillsets for the application of High Intensity Training. You can expect to learn the anatomy and physiology of the body, the scientific research on which the High Intensity Training protocol is based and advanced training techniques. You can expect to learn how to work with clients and special populations, as well as what kind of nutritional advice you can offer to them.

The course is eligible to anyone, wishing to become a Personal Trainer with a specialization in this type of training, without past experience or any prior personal training qualification required. This course includes final exams and upon successful completion, you will be certified to teach High Intensity Training to others.

With this certification, you will be able to work as a HIT Personal Trainer, privately or at a gym.

Note that this is a single-user license for one person.

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Course Curriculum

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Welcome to the PT course 00:11:46
Professionalism and Personal Training
Introduction to module I 00:02:15
Code of ethics 00:19:30
Duty of care and continuous improvement 00:31:00
Health and safety: Types of hazards 00:18:00
Health and safety: Injuries 00:16:58
Health and safety: Working practices and behaviors 00:16:48
Quiz: Professionalism and Personal Training Unlimited
End of module I 00:00:00
The Benefits of Exercise
Introduction to module II 00:02:25
The benefits of exercise relating to the muscular and skeletal systems 00:21:26
The benefits of exercise relating to metabolism, the cardiovascular system and psychology 00:27:00
Quiz: The Benefits of Exercise Unlimited
End of module II 00:03:46
The Human Body and Exercise
Introduction to module III 00:06:03
The Muscular System (part 1) 02:46:27
The Muscular System (part 2) 00:12:13
The Skeletal System (part 1) 01:46:14
The Skeletal System (part 2) 00:07:10
Anatomical axis, planes and joint movement potential 00:09:00
Stabilization of the body and exercise 00:14:05
Flexibility and skill-related fitness 00:07:15
The cardiovascular and respiratory systems (part 1) 02:28:18
The cardiovascular and respiratory systems (part 2) 00:48:11
The nervous system 01:24:26
The energy systems and the endocrine system 00:51:39
Quiz: The Human Body and Exercise Unlimited
End of module III 00:00:00
The Science of High Intensity Training
Introduction to module IV 00:04:02
The HIT protocol in a nutshell FREE 00:31:39
Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) 00:41:38
Time Under Load (TUL) 00:22:00
Repetition: speed and cadence 00:37:05
Repetition: general technique 00:26:02
Workout: duration, rest and types of exercises 00:50:45
Workout: formulating routines 00:27:40
Frequency of training and variation in routines 00:56:02
Response to exercise 00:33:00
Experts’ Views FREE 02:26:51
Quiz: The Science of HIT Unlimited
End of module IV 00:00:00
Exercise Demonstrations and Routine Directory
Introduction to module V 00:06:04
Exercises that target the Hips 00:30:47
Exercises that target the Legs 00:42:42
Exercises that target the Upper Back 00:59:34
Exercises that target the Chest 00:26:28
Exercises that target the Deltoids and smaller muscles of the Shoulder 00:44:06
Exercises that target the Arms 00:50:42
Exercises that target the Trunk 00:43:55
Exercises that target the Neck 00:02:43
Routine Directory 00:09:00
End of module V 03:00:00
Advanced Training Techniques I
Introduction to module VI 00:05:12
Rep Assist or Forced Reps technique 00:06:03
Drop Set technique 00:04:57
Rest Pause technique 00:06:33
Adapted Static Hold technique 00:06:56
Quiz: Advanced Training Techniques I Unlimited
End of module VI 00:00:00
Working with Clients
Introduction to module VII 00:02:24
The exercise environment and equipment 00:18:57
The first appointment 01:35:33
The full session 00:47:18
Progression 00:21:43
Quiz: Working with Clients Unlimited
End of module VII 00:00:00
Special Populations I
Introduction to module VIII 00:02:04
Working with special populations 00:29:56
Types of special populations 00:30:15
Quiz: Special Populations I Unlimited
End of module VIII 00:00:00
Introduction to module VIIII 00:02:46
Introduction to nutrition 00:15:07
The macronutrients: Protein 00:11:01
The macronutrients: Carbohydrate 00:12:27
The macronutrients: Fat 00:16:46
Macronutrient balance and food types 00:22:57
Vitamins and minerals 00:18:35
Meal frequency, fasting and hydration 00:24:51
A practical approach to nutrition 00:26:07
Quiz: Nutrition Unlimited
End of module VIIII 00:00:00
Getting certified
Final Exam (PT) 01:00:00
Video thesis (PT) 00:02:15
Interview 01:00:00
Your next steps into Personal Training 00:02:34

Course Reviews


8 ratings
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  1. Educational


    Learning online provides the most flexibility for learning, while still covering a great deal of information. Efficient exercise program content applicable to anyone, easy to use system, and knowledgeable resources readily available for questions.

  2. 5

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and the ability to return to the information is great for future reference. The interview was structured with feedback on the video and coursework which I liked. I can’t wait to start.

  3. One of the Best Exercise PT courses out


    The content and the science and just the work done is unlike anything I’ve seen online. Even big course names from NASM or ACE can’t really compare to the actual content here. NASM courses didn’t really teach me about exercise or how to train or anything that could bring value to my own training and others. HitUni and High Intensity Training definitely did. It’s a gold mine to learn all the benefits of exercise and how to implement it in a safe, efficient and effective way. Anybody who really wants to understand exercise as a science and is tired of the nonsense out in the market should definitely undertake this course. I’ve learned so much and to be honest, if I’m planning on scaling and training other trainers, it would be an requirement for them to take this course if they aren’t a PT yet or the CPD course. Thank you Simon and HitUni for the amazing gem of High Intensity Training education!

  4. The best HIT/Personal Training Certification on the web


    I really enjoyed the course. The HITuni team have done an incredible job to make the learning process highly informative and entertaining. The user experience is excellent and it feels very motivating to progress through the course. HITuni provide the highest quality HIT courses and certifications online and I highly recommend their products to anyone interested in becoming a high intensity trainer or starting a personal training business.

  5. Skeptic to believer to trainer.


    HIT Personal Trainer Course is quite thorough and effectively prepared me to train using the HIT protocol. I was admittedly skeptical about HIT when first introduced. My wife began HIT routines and I began reading Dr. McGuff’s Body by Science book. Then after reading about HIT from a variety of sources, I began a HIT routine myself and also started this course. I am now fully convinced about the benefits of HIT and am excited to put it into practice improving lives through personal training. Thank you for the course and the opportunity!

  6. A deep learning experience, elegantly delivered


    I have taken other certification programs. I have read through personal training certification program text books.
    This course was put together incredibly well.
    Well thought out lessons and sequence. Great simple instruction.
    Using multiple methods of engagement. Video, text, software, quizzes, communication, expert videos, and an actual review process of you actually taking the material and performing it with a real client.

    I feel competant to train a variety of clients with the comfort that I have all the resources from the course to look back to and reference when needed.

    Thank you, I am excited to bring these tools to others and have them feeling stronger and healthier than they would have been without my guidance.

  7. What an Experience!


    I loved this course. Great information that is going to help me become a more well rounded health care professional! Thank you Hit Uni Team!

  8. 5

    This course taught me a lot about the world of HIT. Each lesson was very comprehensive and clear.

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