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NXL Training


Simon Shawcross is the founder of HITuni and has been a personal trainer since 1999. He is a respected author and speaker on the topics of exercise and wellbeing, with a core focus on communicating the value of strength training for everyone.

In this course, Simon introduces No External Load Training (NXL), a highly effective method of resistance training that doesn’t require the use of any weights or exercise equipment. It includes a thorough examination of the scientific papers that has led researchers to state no load training can be “equally effective to improve muscular size and functionality”, when compared to training with weights and other traditional sources of resistance.

The course extracts the fundamentals required, and provides a detailed blueprint to make the NXL protocol work for you. 20 key NXL exercises are presented that target the muscles of the entire body from largest to smallest, and the course outlines 6 fullbody NXL routines for your immediate use.

At the end of the NXL course, you will have the opportunity to have a video-call consultation with Simon Shawcross and the option to submit a video of your own NXL workout for personalized feedback. If you do submit a video, you will be eligible to receive a HITuni Certificate of Completion.

Note that this is a single-user license for one person.

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Course Curriculum

Get started with NXL Training
Get to know your Instructor and how to use the site 00:08:45
Introduction to No Load Resistance Training 00:09:23
The Science of No Load Training
The Research Behind No Load Resistance Training 00:16:45
When to use NXL Training and Practical Considerations
Advantages and Challenges of NXL Training 00:12:00
How to Overcome Potential Challenges of NXL Training 00:10:04
When to use No Load Training 00:16:33
How to Apply NXL Training
How to Perform No Load Training 00:18:08
Electromyography (EMG) Amplitude and Time Under Tension 00:10:52
Tempo, Repetitions, MMF and Warm-Up Considerations 00:15:06
Routines and Frequency 00:14:13
Effort and Progressive Overload 00:13:11
NXL Exercise Demonstrations and Routines
NXL Exercises that target the Hips and Legs 00:24:43
NXL Exercises that target the Shoulder, Chest and Upper Back 00:24:02
NXL Exercises that target the Waist 00:14:03
NXL Exercises that target the Arm 00:10:06
NXL Exercises that target the Neck 00:13:35
NXL Recommended Routines 00:04:00
Next steps
Optional NXL Training Assignment 01:02:02
Next steps after your NXL course 00:01:12

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