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CPD HIT Course


Continuing Professional Development: High Intensity Resistance Exercise Specialist

The CPD Course will enable you to become a High Intensity Resistance Exercise Specialist enhancing your current skill-set as a Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor. This is an opportunity to expand and future-proof your Physical Training business with science and evidence based resistance exercise to provide exceptional results for both you and your clients.

You will acquire the knowledge and the confidence to put theory into practice and we will help to make this process as easy as possible for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know to apply High Intensity Resistance Exercise effectively including: a code of ethics that will help to drive your business, the High Intensity Training protocol built up from foundational basics all the way to advanced concepts, how to perform and teach the exercises, how to create routines, the use of advanced training techniques and how to optimize both your own and your clients’ exercise prescription.

Please note that to be eligible to be awarded with the HITuni CPD Certification on successful completion of the course, you will need a prior personal trainer or gym instructor certificate, or alternatively a qualification in a related physical discipline that covers anatomy and physiology such as: physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, etc. You will need to scan and email this to us on completion of your final HITuni CPD exam. Of course if you are just interested in HIT for yourself and don’t want to get certified you are also welcome to take the course, you just wont be eligible to receive the Certificate.

With this certification, you will attain a Specialism in High Intensity Resistance Exercise.

Note that this is a single-user license for one person.

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Course Curriculum

Get started
Welcome to the CPD course 00:28:31
Transition into High Intensity Exercise
Introduction to module I 00:02:06
Being a professional and ethical trainer 00:13:01
Understanding High Intensity Training (HIT) 00:49:42
Preparing your exercise environment and equipment for HIT 00:48:50
Quiz: Transition into High Intensity Exercise Unlimited
End of module I 00:00:00
High Intensity Training: Theory, Science and Practice
Introduction to module II 00:04:02
The HIT protocol in a nutshell FREE 00:31:39
Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) 00:41:38
Time Under Load (TUL) 00:22:00
Repetition: speed and cadence 00:37:05
Repetition: general technique 00:26:02
Workout: duration, rest and types of exercises 00:50:45
Workout: formulating routines 00:27:40
Frequency of training and variation in routines 00:56:02
Response to exercise 00:33:00
Experts’ Views FREE 02:26:51
Quiz: The Science of HIT Unlimited
End of module II 00:00:00
Exercise Demonstrations and Routine Directory
Introduction to module III 00:06:04
Exercises that target the Hips 00:30:47
Exercises that target the Legs 00:42:42
Exercises that target the Upper Back 00:59:34
Exercises that target the Chest 00:26:28
Exercises that target the Deltoids and smaller muscles of the Shoulder 00:44:06
Exercises that target the Arms 00:50:42
Exercises that target the Trunk 00:43:55
Exercises that target the Neck 00:02:43
Routine Directory 00:06:07
End of module III 00:00:00
Advanced Training Techniques I
Introduction to module IV 00:05:12
Rep Assist or Forced Reps technique 00:06:03
Drop Set technique 00:04:57
Rest Pause technique 00:06:33
Adapted Static Hold technique 00:06:56
Quiz: Advanced Training Techniques I Unlimited
End of module IV 00:00:00
Getting certified
Final Exam (CPD) Unlimited
Video thesis (CPD) 00:02:15
Interview 01:00:00
Your next steps into Personal Training 00:02:30

Course Reviews


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  1. CPD HIT Course


    Loved the course, since it focused on principles of HIT, which is hard to find good information about.
    Loved the exercise demonstrations and lectures focusing on principles of HIT, which were explained in a comprehensible manner. Additionally, I loved the section of intensity techniques and many examples of TSC exercises.
    The course kept the promise of providing existing exercise professionals with a thorough explanation of the principles of HIT.

  2. Become a Hit Specialist


    This course is fantastic for anyone who is thinking to learn, brush up on, or enhance their skills and understanding of High Intensity Training. The course is easy to follow and understand and it moves in a logical flow, which is hard to find when someone tries to teach you about HIT. As someone who’s already been working in HIT for almost three years I found the course to be a great reminder on a lot of the things I often take for granted, and a tool I will definitely be using in the future to refer back to for great ideas, and execution.

    Thanks for putting together something so logical!



    I really loved the opportunity to learn. The interview was also such a pleasure to talk with you (Simon). You are an expert in the field, and just conversing back and forth was so enlightening. Thank you for a wonderful course and an incredible interview.

  4. Should be a mandatory course for all exercise professionals


    Coming from a traditional high-volume background this course has really opened my eyes. With well laid out material in each section, I have been able to apply what I have learned to my clients and have seen first-hand the rewarding results that HIT workouts can do for people’s lives, even my own.

    With a growing family and busy career, time for my own health was fading but HIT workouts have helped me get strong again and reduced the joint aches/pains from the old days of spending hours in the gym.

    This course should be mandatory for anyone working with the general population and/or anyone who says they are too busy to workout.

  5. Quality Content and Great User Experience


    This course was the highest quality continuing education program I have done in the 15 years I have been personal training. The information was clearly explained between the written portions and the videos. I greatly appreciated the included research articles and interviews with experts in the field. The highlight of the course was the interview portion with Shawn. It was informative and fun to be able to talk trainer to trainer about our experiences using the HIT method.

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  • Number of Lessons38
  • Number of Quizzes4
  • Course Certificate
  • Lifetime access


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