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Jay Vincent’s High Intensity Training for Ultimate Physique


Jay Vincent is a published fitness model, bodybuilder and former college athlete. He owns two personal training studios in New York instructing HIT workouts to people of all ages and physical conditions.

In this course, Jay shows you the exact workout and techniques he uses to gain muscle and get ripped, so that you can follow exactly what he does to get your Ultimate Physique too!

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to have a video-call consultation with Simon Shawcross and the option to submit a video of your own bodybuilding workout for personalized feedback. If you do submit a video, you will be eligible to receive a HITuni Certificate of Completion.

Note that this is a single-user license for one person.

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Course Curriculum

Get started
Welcome to your course 00:03:23
What is exercise? 00:13:34
Jay Vincent's High Intensity Training
The High Intensity Training Protocol 00:11:39
Jay Vincent’s Ultimate Physique routine explained 00:22:08
Jay Vincent instructing a HIT workout and training himself 00:28:26
Advanced High Intensity Training
Advanced techniques 00:07:48
Advanced sequences 00:19:40
Understanding the role of Nutrition and Genetics
Nutrition for bodybuilding 00:08:21
The role of genetics in bodybuilding 00:07:24
Debunking myths about HIT
HIT for women 00:02:57
HIT for bodybuilding 00:03:19
HIT for athletes 00:03:01
What about cardio? 00:03:34
Tips for optimal physique and health
Getting “ripped” 00:02:12
Staying healthy 00:02:29
Next steps
Optional Bodybuilding Workout Video Assignment 01:02:00
Next steps after your course with Jay 00:03:12

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