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Download the Complete Beginner’s Guide to High Intensity Resistance Training ebook

This ebook is an in-depth introduction to the topic of High Intensity Resistance Training (HIT) for those of you who are just discovering it, and a great refresher for those who need to get back to the basics of what simply works.

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“This is the information that I wish that I had had access to when I first began resistance training in earnest back in 1996.”

With this ebook, you will learn

What HIT is, its health and fitness benefits and how it compares to other popular forms of exercise
The fundamentals of a HIT workout, including types of exercises, sets and repetitions, training to muscular failure, technique and mental focus
How to apply HIT for yourself, including recommended routines, equipment choices, speed of movement and more
How to adapt the HIT protocol for your specific needs, including training for weight loss and muscle gain
A simplified summation of the 21 years of experience I have; training myself, training with other experts in the field


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