HIT is about fitness first, the weight we use to increase fitness is no more than a means to that end

How much do you lift? A guide to selecting the right weight

If you are just beginning HIT, one of the practical questions you are most likely looking to answer is How much weight should I use? Keen to get started with the intensity aspect and enthusiastic to lift as much as possible, many new HITers end up short changing themselves. Focusing foremost on intensity at the […]


Are you a great personal trainer? Take our quiz

The following quiz will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a personal trainer. You will find out which are your natural traits and talents and hopefully the results will serve as a framework for you to improve. This is based on the five characteristics and soft skills we’ve identified as important for a personal […]


The Ultimate Science-Based Resistance Training Routine for Older Adults

On 28th September 2017, a mini review into resistance training for older adults was published in Experimental Gerontology titled “A minimal dose approach to resistance training for the older adult; the prophylactic for aging”. This is a very exciting piece of research, thrilling for the simplicity and practicality of its conclusions and recommendations. It is […]


12 Reasons Fitness Businesses Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeeds

Whether you are already a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, gym owner or are just now considering starting a fitness business, you will need to have a clear route to success. Having had just released our newest course, the Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, which is packed with Business and Marketing content, it feels like the perfect time to […]


The AIO Reviewed

As a distributor of the HITGYM AIO, we get asked a lot of questions about the machine and how appropriate and suitable it is specifically for performing high intensity training. I have been working with the AIO for over two years now and I think it’s high time I shared with you a deep and […]


High Intensity Training: Can you do it without a Personal Trainer?

  The challenge factors of HIT CHALLENGE FACTOR ONE Performing each exercise in a given routine correctly and safely. CHALLENGE FACTOR TWO The motivation to push through to momentary muscular failure, whilst being able to maintain correct and safe performance. At its absolute essence, the above challenge factors are all that it takes to get the […]


Making a success of HIT

Mentored by co-author of Body By Science John Little, Blair Wilson, owner of MedX Precision Fitness, probably couldn’t have had a better introduction to HIT. We spoke to Blair to find out what it takes to succeed in the niche world of High Intensity Training.   When Blair was 16 years old, he had to […]


When A Client Demonstrates Unsafe Exercise Performance

At HITuni, we encourage standards of exercise instruction and application that aim to minimize the risks of any injury occurring during exercise. These measures include: selecting biomechanically correct exercises suitable for the client; using appropriate equipment choices; and teaching the client to be in complete control of the load they are using throughout exercise (which […]