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10 reasons to love High Intensity Training

Do you need a reason to love HIT? Probably not, but here is why we love HIT.

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High Intensity Training tops the fitness trends for 2014

It’s that time of year again, when people look back, reflect and plan ahead for the year to come. It’s also the time of the year, when the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) run their annual survey in an effort to reject fads of the previous year and confirm emerging exercise trends for the year to come. It is interesting that responders of the survey were asked to make a distinction between “trend” and “fad”, as one would expect health and fitness professionals to be able to distinguish between an exercise program based on scientific research and a program …

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A High Intensity Workout with James Steele

In the workout that follows, you will see James performing a High Intensity Workout. It is worthy of note that this was the first time that James trained on this equipment, therefore the loads for the exercises were kept somewhat conservative, hence the length of the sets. This is particularly true of the leg press because James was also recovering from a sacroiliac joint injury at the time of this workout. With that said, here follows a detailed breakdown of James’ workout. The first exercise James performs is a Lower Back movement. The primary targeted muscles are those of the …

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Sean’s High Intensity Workout Explained

In the HIT workout that follows you will see Sean performing exercises from his A Routine, the workout is performed on the HITGYM AIO by David Health Solutions. And so Sean begins starting the routine with a Lower Back movement. The primary targeted muscles are those of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Note Sean takes his time in starting the movement, this is important as we are aiming to take 4 seconds or more for the weight to come off the stack. It is especially important with regards to the lower back (but also with all other exercises) to keep …

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How Will High Intensity Training Impact Your Body In Time

What to expect from High Intensity Training “Exercise is a process whereby the body performs work of a demanding nature, in accordance with muscle and joint function, in a clinically-controlled environment, within the constraints of safety, meaningfully loading the muscular structures to inroad their strength levels to stimulate a growth mechanism within minimum time.” Ken Hutchins giving his definition of optimal exercise. An individual who trains strictly adhering to the High Intensity protocol (as espoused by HITuni, Drew Baye, Renaissance Exercise, Doug McGuff etc.) and combines this with an appropriate diet can expect a variety of physical changes both internally …

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Realism HITs home

Before my introduction to High Intensity Training with HITuni I (like most) believed I could almost pre order the physique that I lusted for. Thanks to fantastic coaching from the HITuni team and my own researching on the subject of High Intensity Training and including an awesome blog post courtesy of Skyler Tanner, I now have my expectations firmly grounded in reality. (Here is Skyler’s article which highlights the slow gaining of muscle over a training career). I had never been a regular at the gym in fact I made considerable efforts to bypass that route. However, I had dabbled …

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Training for Life: HIT

HIT or High Intensity Strength Training has value beyond that which all other forms of physical activity confer. It doesn’t matter whether you have never exercised before, whether you are a seasoned athlete, male or female, 12 years old or 80 years old the principles of HIT are applicable and safe to apply to all. HIT is about long-term fitness, health and strength. Know that every possible physiological benefit that it is possible to attain from exercise, is achieved when you employ HIT. To the uninitiated this may sound like a bold claim, yet HIT is nothing more than a …

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The Benefits of High Intensity Training for Women

The benefits of HIT for women are many fold and at the same time there are also some misconceptions around HIT and strength training in general that need to be overturned. Many women want to strengthen their bodies and be fit, but do not want to have bulky, bulging muscles. Yet that bulky look is near on impossible to achieve without an extremely rare genetic make up or failing that, taking anabolic steroids. About 99% of women in their natural state, cannot put on what would be considered unsightly muscle, no matter what their training approach or diet. What will …

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The benefits of HIT for Sports People

There are so many reasons why a sports person will benefit immensely with High Intensity Strength Training (HIT), especially with the methodology that HITuni teaches. Some of the main benefits that HIT will provide a sports person playing for example football are; strength, flexibility, an optimally functioning cardiovascular system, essentially you are going to provide the footballer with an exceptionally fit body to perform their best at their given sport. They will do this in a safe way without risking potential injury in something that is enhancing their fitness. Often typical traditional strength training done with sports people puts the …

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Simon Shawcross sends a message: Time to HIT

Simon Shawcross, Master HIT Trainer and CEO of HITuni sends a message: the time for HIT is now. There is no need to waste hours a day or even hours a week at the gym to be optimally fit and healthy. With HIT 15-30 minutes a week of targeted exercise is all it takes to be optimally fit and healthy.

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