Getting the most out of Advanced Training Techniques

Popular strength training and resistance exercise is packed with examples of “advanced training techniques”. This is largely due to performance variations of exercises being limited only by imagination. It is however reasonable to query whether or not these techniques stimulate any more in the way of positive physical results beyond normal resistance training. By normal […]


Optimal Protein Intake for Strength and Size

The New York Times reported yesterday on an interesting research paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine1. This meta-analysis looked at the effects of protein supplementation on muscle mass and strength increases in individuals engaged in a resistance training program.   Does supplementing with protein provide additional benefits over resistance training alone? The […]


Staying strong during flu season

News outlets are reporting that this season’s flu infection rates are now at epidemic levels in the US and will be within the next week in the UK too. It seems a good time to highlight what you can do to best protect yourself from infection, what to do if you do get sick and […]

What is the value

Genetics, DNA fitness and personal genetic tests: what’s possible?

In recent years there has been a growing number of companies offering DNA tests to consumers, some specifically focusing on the fitness impact of certain genes. The marketing hyperbole suggests that the purchaser will, with the results of their swab test, be able to tailor their workout routine specifically to their DNA for superior physical […]

HIT is about fitness first, the weight we use to increase fitness is no more than a means to that end

How much do you lift? A guide to selecting the right weight

If you are just beginning HIT, one of the practical questions you are most likely looking to answer is How much weight should I use? Keen to get started with the intensity aspect and enthusiastic to lift as much as possible, many new HITers end up short changing themselves. Focusing foremost on intensity at the […]


High Intensity Training with Resistance Bands

In this post, I want to look at resistance bands: how useful are they, who can benefit from them, and can be used for HIT? Outside of simple equipment such as chin bars and push up handles, another piece of home exercise kit that people tend to consider for strength training are resistance bands. The […]


Are you a great personal trainer? Take our quiz

The following quiz will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a personal trainer. You will find out which are your natural traits and talents and hopefully the results will serve as a framework for you to improve. This is based on the five characteristics and soft skills we’ve identified as important for a personal […]

Exercise accounts for 10-20% of your success in your weight loss or muscle gain goals. The remaining is down to your nutrition.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to High Intensity Resistance Training (HIT): Adapting the protocol to your circumstances and needs (part 4)

In this fourth and final part of the Complete Beginner’s Guide to HIT, I am going to cover some final points and address the circumstances in which adaptations or tweaks may need to be made to the protocol I have outlined in the preceding posts. Understanding the circumstances in which changes may be required or of […]