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In Conversation with Skyler Tanner: How strength training helped me complete a 25K race

Skyler Tanner, Exercise Physiologist and course leader of the latest HITuni short course: Running with Strength, has recently completed the J&J Rrail Running Reunion, a 25K race. I had the pleasure to chat with Skyler about his experience, his training for the race and how he combines HIT with running and here’s what he has to say!   First of all, can you tell me what the race was? Sure sure. So the race is called the J&J Trail Running Reunion.     The time that you got for the race was three hours and 15 minutes. You came 10th …

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Running with Strength: Skyler Tanner on harnessing the strength you’ve built with HIT to master running

Exercise Physiologist, Skyler Tanner, is course leader for the latest HITuni short course release: Running with Strength. Since filming the course with Skyler, we have had the opportunity to sit with Skyler to ask him about his background, his business, his approach to strength training and about his passion for running.     From Basketball to Smart Strength Many of you reading this post will likely know of Skyler; through his great blog posts, presentations and the work he does at Smart Strength. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure or are interested in to learn more about background, …

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HIT and Running: An in-depth conversation with Skyler Tanner about Resistance Training and Cardio

Skyler Tanner is an exercise physiologist based in Austin, Texas where he operates Smart Strength, a HIT-focused, evidence-based, strength training studio. Skyler also regularly brings a fascinating perspective to all things exercise, through insights on his blog, skylertanner.com. I have been intrigued by his recent writing on combining resistance training or HIT with running, an interest that he has developed over the last 5 years. Before any die-hard HITers choke on their coffee at the mere mention of running, Skyler still communicates that by far the most important thing that you can do for your physiology exercise-wise, is to apply …

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