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Mike Mentzer like never seen before: Heavy Duty, his true teachings and legacy

The above quote by Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle defines very well Mike Mentzer’s life mission in bodybuilding and strength exercise. Indeed, Mike dedicated much of his life to answering the assumed question latent within that quote: “What exactly is the ‘right quantity?” And that’s the journey we walk with Mike in this new HITuni course, the only officially sanctioned Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty online course available anywhere. We follow Mike’s life and his thinking on exercise through all the twists, turns and permutations, as Heavy Duty theory was forged and refined. How the course came about Two years ago, John …

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In Conversation with John Little: The Six-Minute, No-Nonsense, High Intensity Resistance Training course

John Little is probably one of the most fascinating figures in the High Intensity Training world. He is a deep thinker and a natural researcher, with a profound world view and life philosophy, someone, who doesn’t accept the status quo without challenging it, and someone, who doesn’t consider himself “the expert”, despite his work on the groundbreaking books The Time Saver’s Workout and Body by Science, as author and co-author respectively. We met in Canada, before the pandemic, spending our time together filming the course, John Little’s Six-Minute HIT, which presents the culmination of everything he’s learned about exercise over …

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Book Review: The Time-Saver’s Workout, by John Little

It is great to have a copy of John Little’s latest book on exercise in hand. Titled The Time-Savers Workout, its publication comes ten years after the release of Body By Science, and nearly two decades after the death of Mike Mentzer. I mention these two touchstones as John Little is co-author of Body By Science along with Dr. Doug McGuff, and he was friends with Mike. Indeed, Little was also involved in the writing of two posthumous Mentzer books, High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way and The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer.   Pointing the finger at the health …

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