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In Conversation with Bill DeSimone: Joint-Friendly Fitness

Fairly recently I Zoomed with long-time friend of HITuni and all-round great guy Bill DeSimone, to discuss his latest book Joint Friendly Fitness and his current thoughts on strength training, HIT and the wider world of exercise. For those not yet familiar with Bill and his work: he has been an avid exerciser for well over 40 years and a personal trainer since 1983. During that time, he has also participated in sports such as bodybuilding, triathlon, inline skating, martial arts, and softball. As those years passed Bill accumulated some physical damage, chronic shoulder soreness, and a ruptured biceps and …

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Congruent Exercise: How to make weight training easier for your joints

Of course, the long-term detriment will only be there if you stick with it. How many people drop out of exercise because their results don’t measure up? How many people get frustrated, because they don’t continue to improve, as they’ve been led to believe? So, they read another website and try another scheme, or they go the supplement and ergogenic aids route, which can lead to all sorts of confusion and frustration and all that entails.   Much of today’s exercise scene is based on performance. competing with others in a group workout, setting a personal record in a lift, …

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The story behind Bill DeSimone’s course on integrating Functional Training with HIT

We have recently had the opportunity to work with personal trainer, author and speaker (NSCA, Club Industry, REC) Bill DeSimone to create a new course titled Functional Training: A Biomechanics Approach to Integrating FT with HIT. Controversial? Some seem to think so. And I get that reaction, if you had told me I would be involved in presenting a course that includes FT ten years ago I would have likely scoffed too, I was younger then and thought I knew damn near all there was to know about exercise. I started my career in personal training in 2000 and thankfully …

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