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with Luke Carlson explaining the exact sales framework behind Discover Strength's success and how you can replicate it



Role-playing the crucial introductory appointment with a prospective client



Organized in seven modules, totalling over two hours of value-packed content


Master blueprint

With all the steps and actions you need to take to convert an enquiry to a client

Why a Sales Training course?

Technical skills in Personal Training and expertise in High Intensity Resistance Training are of diminished value if you can’t sell the concept, if you can’t consistently convert clients.


You may well have a great location and facility, awesome equipment and be offering the best exercise protocol in the world. If you can’t communicate that to your prospective clients, then much of your investment and your effort will have gone to waste.

Your technical skills in personal training and expertise in High Intensity Resistance Training are of greatly diminished value if you are unable to sell the concept effectively, if you can’t convert most prospects into paying clients.

Luke explains that two things happen naturally in an organization over time: expenses grow and revenue (sales) atrophy. Ultimately getting better at selling and mastering closing the deal is the only way to future-proof your business.

All facility owners, personal trainers and sales teams in the HIT niche need to take this course to learn exactly what steps to take from the moment a prospective client calls your facility, to scheduling and conducting the crucial introductory appointment and finally what to do if a prospect doesn't immediately convert to a client.


As part of the course, you'll get to download a step-by-step map of recommended client interactions during their buying journey (see below), plus email templates and telephone scripts. This is the course that gives you the processes and tools to implement a successful sales funnel in your facility, from enquiry to prospect to client, based on the Discover Strength model.

This course is for you if:

You are a business or facility owner who wants to revitalize your sales approach.
You are a personal trainer looking to improve your sales skills and your close rate.
You need to improve the conversion rate of prospective clients that contact your facility.
You want to get more financial value out of your existing clients.


Course instructor, Luke Carlson, says that the course is designed to take any faciltiy owner, any personal trainer, any resistance training practitioner and improve their ability to sell.

This course will teach you how to handle client objections confidently and professionally, for example:

Key learning outcomes

This value-packed Sales Training course retails for just $129 and is tailored specifically for selling fitness, you will be able to:

1    Learn the key fundamentals of selling exercise

2    Improve your close rate

3    Improve your customer service skills

4    Handle client objections confidently and professionally

5    Convert an enquirer to a client

6    Use proven email templates and phone scripts for different client interactions

7    Download a step-by-step map of recommended customer interactions covering the entire buying journey

8    Run a top-notch introductory appointment that makes the sale for you

9    Design an overall customer experience that suits you, your brand and your clients

10    Ultimately, master the art and science of selling strength

Course overview

Here is an overview of the course structure:

In the Introduction to Sales module, Luke Carlson setting out the blueprint for what's to follow in the course.

He describes the five key sales practices that 'if we always execute, will lead to us becoming an extraordinary organisation".

In this module, Luke goes into detail, explaining exactly what needs to happen from the moment a prospective client contacts your facility until they are scheduled in for an introductory appointment.

This is not as straight-forward as it may sound, as most businesses lose out on a significant number of "almost" sales when prospects go cold during this process. In Luke's proven model an initial enquirer who becomes unresponsive can generate up to five more business-led customer interactions all of which are different, and designed to bring the prospect back onboard. Luke details exactly how to copy his system, including the preparation, trigger-actions and logging process.

In many ways, this module is the cornerstone of the course. It's all about what happens after you've scheduled the prospect in for their introductory apppointment and how to run that crucial meeting with the prospective client.

From welcoming the prospect into the facility and getting to know them and their motivators, to taking them through the introductory workout and finally asking for and making the sale. Luke gives a minute-by-minute breakdown of an introductory appointment that secures the sale nearly every time.

Next, Luke shares his wisdom on exactly how to close the deal, including how to answer common FAQs, how to handle common client objections, like time and money, and how to build rapport.

Role-playing all customer interactions is paramount to Luke's sales team. They do this on a regular basis to learn from each other and improve their sales skills.

In the demonstrations module, you'll get to see Maria, a trainer at Discover Strength and member of the sales team, take Simon the prospective client, through an introductory appointment, including the pre-workout chat, the workout and the post-workout conversation that's asking for the sale!

This is the exact process that Luke employs at his highly successful Discover Strength facilities.

In this module, the focus is on post-introductory workout procedures. If the client converts during the intro session, then that's great and you can move on to onboarding the new client. But what if they will not convert on the spot?

Luke explains exactly what you need to do throughout the first 25 days after the introductory appointment to get them back in your gym. He also presents a long-term strategy that aims to generate referrals from non-converters (surprising right?), as well as to convert hold-outs at a later date.

In the last module of the course, Luke focuses on two ideas that will help you grow your revenue. Getting better at sales, through practicing all the tips and tricks discussed in the course, and getting more value out of existing clients, a concept he calls 'upserve'.

At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to have a video-call consultation with Simon Shawcross and the option to submit a video of yourself role-playing an introductory appointment, for which you will receive personalized feedback. If you do submit a video, you will be eligible to receive a HITuni Certificate of Completion.



Your Instructor: Luke Carlson

Luke is the CEO of Discover Strength, a chain of HIT personal training studios he founded in 2006.
After he achieved a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from the University of Minnesota he became an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist and Cancer Exercise Specialist. Luke has also studied Executive Leadership, Strategy and Innovation at Stanford University. 
Luke is passionate about evidence-based fitness and he has co-authored numerous research papers on the matter. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and he hosts the annual Resistance Exercise Conference in Minneapolis.

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