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Organized into 9 modules, totaling over 25+ hours of content



Of which 27 are lectures of 20-30 minutes duration



Including 90 exercise demonstrations and 4 advanced technique demonstrations



Including machine, free-weights and bodyweight

Cutting edge content and course delivery


The nine modules of the HIT Personal Trainer course each consist of a series of lessons delivered via fast streaming video lectures with a presenter and visuals that will engage your mind, giving you the best seat in the classroom.
The videos are enhanced by the in-depth course notes and images that follow, expanding on and explaining the video concepts in greater detail. At the start of each module, there are links provided to relevant research papers, recommended reading and other documents, to help you to reinforce your learning.
All dynamic exercises, including machine, free weight and bodyweight versions, are presented via full video demonstrations with visual enhancements and voiceovers. Static exercises are shown via still photographs and explanatory text.
Our fully immersive approach to learning ensures that you learn thoroughly, faster!

The 9 modules of the PT course

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The Course is for you if:

  • You want to become a Personal Trainer, specializing in High Intensity Training.
  • You are driven to help themselves and others to benefit from exercise.
  • You are looking for a new career challenge or career change and have no prior qualification or past experience in this field.
  • You are at least 16 years of age if you want to attain HITuni certification.


Course materials

  • All the information you need to complete the course and pass the examination is provided within the course on the HITuni platform.
  • In addition, we highly recommend that you purchase our recommended cutting edge Anatomy and Physiology app, but you are free to use an A&P book of your own, or other app if you already have one. This is the only essential addition to the course, everything else is provided by the course itself.
  • We do have a recommended reading list of books and research papers that will support your learning, although these are not essential to taking the course, or passing the exam.
  • The other thing you are going to need is your notebook.



Course reviews

I thought the Personal Trainer course was excellent. The online tutorials, the supporting notes, the way it was structured, the assessment process throughout the course was very good. The video lectures ticked all the boxes for me. I found them very relevant and held my interest. I have no negatives. Good value for money! Just excellent!Read more

Nigel Docker

HITuni Certified Personal Trainer

Thank you for the work you have done with HITuni.com, providing a resource for those who want training and certification as well as a venue for teaching.

Dr Doug McGuff

Author of Body by Science

I thought the course was very expansive. I learned more than I thought I would. Everything was very detailed and I got all the topics that I was curious about. I am really intro nutrition so I really enjoyed the Nutrition module; I thought it was very thorough. I learned a lot from that and it is a very good resource to go back to check all the vitamins and minerals, etc. It’s nice to have...Read more

Joanna Eisen

HITuni Certified Personal Trainer

The course is so complete and all encompassing that it is hard to think of anything that is missing. You have taken HIT upwards...a real step up in terms of professionalism, instruction and education.Read more

Edward Harrison

HIT trainer and owner of Vital Exercise

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This value-packed HIT Specialist course is for $799 and includes these benefits:

Learning exercise, HIT and the supporting science from the ground up.
Easy to absorb information via video, voiceovers, photos, course notes, and scripts.
Quizzes at the end of each module to test your learning.
Access to interviews with industry experts.
Post questions and get answers to your questions at the end of each lesson.

Skype call with a member of the HITuni team to answer any pressing questions included.
Learn online from anywhere with Internet access, even on your phone or tablet.
Learn at your own pace and convenience.
Life-long access to the platform and your course material.
Your purchase includes the cost of the exam, in-depth review of your video thesis training a client and certification.





When working as a HIT personal trainer, you shape your career path.

You choose how to train your clients; using free weights, body weight or exercise equipment, at the client’s or at your location.

And because each workout is so time efficient, you choose how much or how little you want to work.

Awesome, I am in!



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